New Poll: Great News for Trump, Very Bad News for Biden and the Media Narrative

AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki

The Harvard Harris poll conducted online between May 17-18 among 2,004 registered voters has some fascinating takeaways that don’t look good for Joe Biden and the Democratic narrative pushed by the liberal media.

Most believe that the Trump-Russia collusion and the Steele Dossier are fake stories.

Most also believe the Hunter Biden laptop is real and not Russian disinformation.

Most also believe that Joe Biden participated in the influence peddling.

Voters are also very concerned about what the FBI did regarding Trump, are concerned about the interference in elections from FBI and intel agencies, and think sweeping reform is needed.

The poll also shows that Biden is in deep trouble because large majorities of people think he’s not mentally fit and he’s too old. The poll also has Donald Trump beating him by 7 points and Kamala Harris by 11. Those are pretty big numbers, but people can remember that they had it much better under Trump than under Biden/Harris, and they can see what a mess Biden is now.

How bad are things for Biden? Only 40 percent of Democrats say they would vote for him in the primary and only half think he’s going to win the primary. That should be a huge yikes if that’s even anywhere close to the truth. Strangely the poll doesn’t include Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who is polling at around 20 percent, on the list of choices in a primary versus Biden.

Even on the debt ceiling discussions it doesn’t look good for Biden. Most voters think that Democrats should negotiate and yield to the GOP to avoid default. They also think GOP should hold out for spending constraints and that they would improve the health of the U.S. government.


Elon Musk, Donald Trump, and Ron DeSantis are the most favorable political figures, in that order, all of whom are polling better than Biden. Even Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is doing better than Biden.

In the GOP primary, the poll showed Trump widening his lead on Ron DeSantis and the rest of the field. He’s at 58 percent, with DeSantis at 16 percent, and the rest still further back.

In a head-to-head, Trump is up 65 percent to DeSantis 35 percent.

DeSantis’ numbers against Biden or Harris are only even, according to the poll.

Now DeSantis hasn’t announced yet and those numbers may go up once he does, but so far they haven’t.

I’ll add my obligatory “it’s a poll” and “we’re still far out” admonition. But the Biden team has to be choking when they look at numbers like that and see that the media truly has failed in their task as scriptwriters for the Democratic narrative. Americans are just not buying it.


  1. I’ll just say I vote for DJT and highly recommend that Ron DeSantis runs/is chosen as DJT’s VP. They would make an unstoppable team for this country and the people!


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