New York Gov. Kathy Hochul Is Floating a New Conspiracy Theory a Week Out From the Midterms


Governor is your best choice if you’re concerned about New York City’s crime rate. Kathy Hochul claims that you are the victim in a conspiracy.

These right-wing “manipulators,” as she calls them, will stop at no effort to remove New York’s elected governor.

Hochul is currently engaged in a “tight fight” against Republican challenger Rep. Lee Zeldin.

In late 1980s Sharpton helped Tawana Brawley spread lies about a race crime. Sharpton said that he was a government informant to reduce crack sales in black neighborhoods. The bulk of his business transactions in the 1990s seem like a massive conspiracy to dodge taxes.

PoliticsNation may be the best place to go if you’re looking to promote conspiracy theories. Hochul might have been there.

They have created master conspiracies to travel across America in an attempt to convince Americans they aren’t as safe in Democratic States.

She stated, “Safer places are the Democratic States. ”

New York City houses nearly half of New York State’s residents. Major crime is also on the rise.

Official statistics show that the NYPD observed weekly spikes in almost every major crime category, except murders and rapes, between last year and this year.

The only exceptions were felony assaults that dropped twice and auto thefts that fell once.

The rate of serious crime in the last week was 35.6% higher than 2021. Robberies and burglaries rose between 32.6% and 46.6%, respectively.

It is a good thing that murders have fallen 14% in the past 2021. But, 2021’s murder rate was higher than 2020.

Trendline drops are to be expected. They do not alter the trendline.

New York’s trendline may not be right.

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Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor, and William Bratton (his innovative police commissioner), made New York City a safe place. Pseudo-Republican-turned-independent-mayor Michael Bloomberg largely kept Giuliani’s policies in place. To turn the tide, it took Bill de Blasio years of terrible management.

They were big when they turned.

It is fair to say that there has been an increase of violent crime in the country due to drug addictions and mental illnesses which we have stopped treating aggressively.

Hochul’s claim demonstrates horrendous gaslighting. Druggies can kill one another using fentanyl or other substances. This violence is usually restricted to dealers and druggies, not the police.

New Yorkers are worried about the rise in violence in public spaces such as the subway and once-safe areas.

Criminal activity is often ignored by people, for good or ill.

It is a concern that a homeless felon addict to drugs, who has been through the system many times and was just released without bail again, randomly pushes or stabs someone because their heads said so.

This measurement shows that Democrat-run municipalities like New York City, Denver, San Francisco and St. Louis are becoming increasingly outof control.

This is something that people notice. “Eight in ten voters consider the current state of the country to be out-of-control. ”

Who will you believe? Kathy Hochul or your own lyin’ old Asian man who was stabbed by a BART Train.

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