Nolte: Donald Trump Enjoys Double Digit Gains with Voters Aged 18-29

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Compared to 2020, former President Trump has closed the gap with His Fraudulency Joe Biden by double digits among voters aged 18-29.

The Harvard Institute of Politics surveyed 2,010 Americans between the ages of 18 and 29. The poll was conducted nationwide between March 14-21.

Here are the topline numbers:

If the presidential election were held today, President Biden would outperform former President Trump among both registered (50% Biden, 37% Trump) and likely young voters under 30 (56% Biden, 37% Trump). When there is no voter screen (i.e., all young adults 18-29), the race narrows to single digits, 45% for President Biden, 37% for former President Trump, with 16 percent undecided.

That looks pretty good for Slow Joe, but let’s remember how close the 2020 race was and take a look back at this same poll in 2020.

“For context,” writes the pollster, “at this stage in the 2020 election, the Harvard Youth Poll showed Biden leading Trump by 23 points among all young adults (51%-28%) and by 30 points (60%- 30%) among likely voters under 30.”


Back in 2020, among all adults under age 30, Biden led Trump by +23 points.

Today, Biden’s lead among this same group has dropped to just eight points. That is a 15-point shift in Trump’s direction.

In 2020, among likely voters under age 30, Biden led Trump by +30 points. Today, Biden’s lead among this same group is just +19. That’s an 11-point shift in Trump’s direction.

The pollster points out areas where Trump enjoys a clear advantage. One is enthusiasm. “Three-quarters (76%) of Trump voters say they enthusiastically support their candidate,” writes the pollster, “while 44% of Biden voters say the same.”

A second advantage for Trump is that only nine percent (not a typo) of Americans under age 30 believe the country is on the right track.

On the flipside, a clear majority of 58 percent say the country is on the wrong track. Specifically, these young voters said they were worried about the economy (27 percent), immigration (nine percent), foreign policy (nine percent), and environmental issues (eight percent).

Among this age group, Joe Biden’s job approval rating sits at just 31 percent. Her Vice Fraudulency Kamala Harris has a job approval rating of just 32 percent.

U.S Vice President Kamala Harris delivers remarks alongside U.S. President Joe Biden (Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images).

Hunter’s dad’s job approval rating is pathetic on all the specific issues listed: student debt relief (39 percent), Ukraine (33 percent), economy (30 percent), gun violence (25 percent), inflation (23 percent), and Israel-Hamas war (18 percent).

rump is gaining on Biden among some key parts of the Democrat base. Not just young voters, but black and Hispanic voters. However, Biden is undoubtedly up 99 points among drag queens, transsexuals, sickos who want to queer kids and mutilate them to appease the LGBTQRSTUVGROOMER gods, and those who have lost loved ones to cannibals.

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