Nolte: San Francisco Residents Forced to Purchase Planters to Deter Homeless

JOHN NOLTE 14 Jun 2023

Residents of Democrat-run San Francisco were forced to fundraise $25,000 to purchase large planters in an effort to keep the homeless menace out of their neighborhood.

Get a load of this… Democrat-run San Francisco has an annual budget of $6.4 billion, and the taxpayers still had to raise this money themselves—a piddly $25,000.

According to a local news report, residents of the Mission District dealt with this problem for years before being forced to take matters into their own hands. The Democrats who run the city did nothing, despite countless reports of criminal activity, including threats, a bicycle chop shop, and a woman who said she was splashed with alcohol. The government did at least okay the planters. Each weighs 1,400 pounds and costs $675.

A group of at least 50 residents of San Francisco’s Mission District raised more than $25,000 to install heavy planters along several blocks of Harrison Street, an effort made late last month to drive away people they said in recent years had set up a large encampment and an illegal bicycle chop shop.

Kristina Cahojova, a San Francisco resident who lives nearby, said she routinely reported drug use at the encampment to the city’s 311 services line, and even installed a camera on her stroller to document her encounters, but that her requests were largely ignored by the city. Finally, she said, while she was on her way to a community meeting about the issue, members of the encampment threw alcohol at her.

“I don’t understand,” she said. “I’m hopeless, and honestly depressed. More and more tents are showing up in my neighborhood, and once they’re up, there is no way of removing them — according to the city.”

After the city came in and cleared the tents to clean the area up, a landscaping company moved in to install the planters. Neighborhood volunteers then filled the planters with rocks and dirt, making them nearly impossible to move.

Naturally, the ongoing cancer of homeless “advocates” oppose the planters or anything that will normalize the standard of living for law-abiding people. If these people truly cared about the homeless, they would lobby to have them institutionalized where they could get help.

This is not the first time the people of San Francisco have been forced to solve the problem themselves. Other local neighborhoods have installed planters. Some placed boulders and put up sprinkler systems.

The problem with the homeless is not financial. Oh, sure, occasionally, someone will have a run of hard luck and end up on the street for a bit. But this is far from the norm. Normal people quickly get back on their feet or move in with friends and family. They also take advantage of social services.

The permanent homeless are either suffering from addictions, some form of mental illness, or both. Certainly, your heart breaks for people in that situation, but you cannot have them sleeping on the streets anywhere, much less in residential neighborhoods. The dangers, not just of the criminal element but of fires and disease, are very real.

What’s more, it is specifically the government’s job to take care of this problem. Private citizens do not have the power to tell others what to do. That is what the civil authorities are for. On top of that, the government’s top priority should be safeguarding the rights of its citizens—to keep them safe and protect their property. That is not happening in these Democrat-run cities, and that is by design.

You solve the homeless problem by institutionalizing those helpless to overcome their mental problems and addictions without help. The rest, you jail and shoo away. This is not a difficult problem to solve. Democrats are certain they can change the temperature of the entire planet but claim to be helpless in the face of tent cities.


Leftists want these cities to implode. That’s how the Cloward-Piven strategy works. You create chaos to increase people’s dependency on the government, which further empowers the state. Best of all, as the city burns, the undesirables—those who don’t vote for Democrats, who cannot be easily manipulated–flee the city.

The decline of these once-beautiful cities is deliberate. But there is only one group of people to blame: the idiot voters who believe they are owning us MAGAtards by voting for the Democrats destroying their cities.

I hope their self-righteousness keeps them safe and warm when the blackouts and looters come.


  1. Democrat will not ever do anything to solve problems until it is in their backyard
    They do not care for the American taxpayers nor any one but themselves
    Eventually, they will be losing a lot more than just votes
    A whole lot more
    They never learn history nor anything
    That will be their problem down the road


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