NRA and CNN Find Common Ground for a Change

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

It’s no surprise that the NRA isn’t a fan of President Joe Biden’s latest speech on the topic of guns. It’s kind of their job to take issue with anti-gun rhetoric from politicians, among others.

But it seems that they and other gun rights advocates are the only ones taking issue with Biden’s tortured take on reality.

No, it seems CNN also had an issue with it, and the NRA decided to talk a bit about it.

It’s not often that NRA finds itself in agreement with CNN’s reporting about firearms, but the outlet’s fact-check of Joe Biden’s Connecticut gun control speech last week proved the cable news channel is capable of accurately reporting on guns … when it wants to. The piece noted that Biden “made at least five false claims related to guns, a subject on which he has repeatedly been inaccurate during his presidency.” While we might quibble that CNN actually undercounted the number of false claims related to guns Biden made in that address, their reporting was right on the money in the examples they did cite.

The first falsehood CNN raised was one we identified in our own fact check of Biden’s speech, this one concerning red flag laws. Biden claimed his son, Beau – who was Delaware attorney general from 2007 to 2015 – was the “first to enforce” this sort of law. This was clearly false, as both NRA and CNN noted, insofar as Delaware did not even have a red flag law to enforce during Beau Biden’s term in office.

CNN’s next item was also raised in our piece, Biden’s bizarre claims about the effects of stabilizing braces on pistols. The factually-challenged chief executive insisted affixing a pistol to a brace (itself a weird inversion of how the two items actually go together) “turns [the pistol] into a gun” and “[m]akes them where you can have … a higher caliber bullet – coming out of that gun.” CNN got it right, pointing out: a “pistol is, obviously, already a gun,” and, “a pistol brace does not have any effect on the caliber of ammunition that a gun fires or anything about the basic functioning of the gun itself.”  Indeed, all the brace does is help stabilize a pistol for more accurate, controlled, and safe operation, particularly for those – like combat wounded veterans – who are physically challenged. Leave it to gun control advocates to take issue with that.

This is far from all-inclusive, either. There are a number of points the NRA brings up that I didn’t include in the above quote.

So what does this mean?

Well, it just goes to show that even CNN can’t find a way to cover for these particular whoppers.

The NRA has simply pointed out reality, much as we have here at Bearing Arms. Yet CNN isn’t known for defending the pro-gun side of the argument. If anything, they’re more likely to provide cover for anti-gun voices, either trying to explain away their mistakes or just ignoring them entirely.

Here and now, the falsehoods are too deep to simply ignore or explain away.

Biden continues to use discredited talking points and it’s harder and harder for his supporters in the media to make it a non-issue.

In this case, CNN is actually making much of the pro-gun case, and that’s important because while they’re not intending to help us, the truth is that Biden getting so much wrong will make some people wonder just what else he’s wrong about on the subject of guns.

Undermining faith that the president is somehow infallible on the topic raises doubts when he starts another anti-gun push.

Obviously, this benefits groups like the NRA and other gun rights organizations, but it also benefits us, the rank-and-file gun owners.

I don’t think anyone had CNN helping gun rights on their 2023 bingo card, but if so…


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