NY Gov. Hochul Deploys National Guard to Handle Illegal Aliens — by Helping Them Do Paperwork


In this episode of “Boy, That’ll Show ‘Em!”…

From Washington, D.C., to New York City to Martha’s Vineyard, Los Angeles, and beyond, Democrat politicians continue to lose their hypocritical minds every time either Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis or Texas Gov. Greg Abbott ships another busload of illegal aliens to their respective doorsteps.

Welp, enough is enough for New York‘s embattled Democrat governor, Kathy Hochul.

Yep, in a courageous display of steely resolve, Kochul has called out additional National Guard troops to assist in handling the Empire State’s influx of illegals — by helping them complete paperwork to apply for federal employment authorization so they can “attain legal work status and exit taxpayer-funded shelters.”

Hochul absurdly said in a statement:

It is critical that we help secure work authorization for asylum seekers and migrants in New York. We need to ensure individuals can navigate the paperwork necessary to get them established here so they can work and start making their American Dream a reality.

Yeah, no.

We don’t need to ensure anything of the kind. Why is it our responsibility, as Americans, to provide help to foreign nationals who flock to this country illegally so they can make the American Dream their reality? The question is rhetorical; of course, it isn’t our responsibility.

Hochul’s move comes on the heels of the Biden administration recently granting Temporary Protective Status (TPS) to an estimated 472,000 asylum-seeking Venezuelans who arrived in the country as of July 31.

TPS makes otherwise illegals eligible to work, which further suggests that the growing numbers of people fleeing Venezuela — and other Central and South American countries — and heading to the U.S.-Mexican border are undoubtedly expecting to be granted the same status. Why wouldn’t they?

Speaking of Asylum Seekers

To seek asylum in the United States, a person must already be in the country and believe he or she will be in danger of persecution if he or she returns to his or her country. Persecution categories include race, religion, nationality, social group, and political opinion.

Fair enough, but here’s the thing:

If you (third-person) don’t think that hundreds of thousands of soon-to-be illegal aliens continually surging to the southern border have been coached on exactly what to say when they encounter Customs and Border Protection agents, I have a bridge I’d love to sell you.

The Bottom Line

Republicans have long and correctly argued that TPS, so-called “sanctuary” cities, and Democrat policies —which include failing to enforce existing federal immigration laws —more than encourage foreign nationals to flock to the border, with the Democrats‘ ultimate goal being the importation of as many future Democrat voters, they believe, as they can get away with.

Hell, as I’ve previously written, Biden has all but sent welcoming mariachi bands to the border, so what can we expect? Exactly what we’ve seen from the beginning of the disastrous presidency — and will continue to see until the Republican Party recaptures the White House.

The 2024 general election matters, gang. Let’s not screw it up.





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