NYC Mayor Eric Adams Vows To Use Bully Pulpit To Target Gun Makers


Eric Adams, the New York City Mayor (D), vowed Wednesday that his “bully pulpit” will be used to target gun manufacturers who, he claimed, only make products for “to kill”.

Adams spoke along with other Democrat mayors at the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Summit.

Adams was quoted by the NY City and State governments. “We’re going use our buying power and leverage. He said that we would use our bully pulpit and our legislative arms to tackle the problem of gun violence.

ABC News reported the findings of the mayoral summit. They highlighted five gun manufacturers whose products account for more than half the guns found at crime scene scenes. These five companies were identified and their percentages of crime scenes where they were found in 2021.

Mayor Adams stated to Good Morning America that “we’re dealing the same problem: A $9 billion industry turning its profits into our pain.”

Tishaura Jones, St. Louis Mayor (D), stated that “if this were any other deadly industry, then the government would already have taken action to ensure that we get rid of what was killing our citizens.” We have not seen the federal government take any action to address gun violence in our cities.

It was reported on July 20 that Senator Dick Durbin (D.IL) suggested that it was “time to name, shame and shame” AR-15 manufacturers during Senate Judiciary Committee hearings.


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