NYC Subway Passenger John Rote Arrested for Firing Pistol to Defend Woman


Forty-three-year-old John Rote is under arrest after he allegedly fired two rounds at a man who was reportedly trying to rob a woman on a Manhattan subway platform.

The New York Post reported that the incident occurred Tuesday after Rote saw 49-year-old Matthew Roesch allegedly hold “the emergency gate open” only to demand money before allowing a woman on the subway.

The Post noted that police indicated that the woman tried to sidestep Roesch, who allegedly responded by getting directly in front of her and saying, “If you don’t give me a dollar, I’m going to take your purse.”

After witnessing the incident, Rote screamed, “Get away from her!” He then fired two rounds down the platform. Marie Calvert-Kilbane, his defense attorney, told the New York Post that Rote has legally owned the gun for 13 years.

FOX 5 ran a headline focused on Rote, asking, “Subway vigilante or hero?”

A 71-year-old resident of Hell’s Kitchen spoke in support of Rote, saying, “I don’t think it was too much, though, because you don’t know what that person had that’s attacking that woman instead of asking her, may I have a dollar or something like that.”

Rote has no criminal history. He faces charges that include “criminal possession of a weapon and menacing.” According to the New York Post, his charges would land him in prison for three and a half years.

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  1. How dare he defend someone against a criminal! Doesn’t he know that criminals are the chosen class of the democrats? Why that mugger may go on to run for congress or even be president, he has all the right credentials!

  2. It is legal to defend someone in the case of rape or arson in could be irresponsible to fire on a crowed subway station. This gug Rote should get the key to the city for his heroic act defending an innocent defenseless individual . The government is going to try to make this a Bernie Geotz case The women should have had her own gun, usually brandishing a weopen the perp will run away.

  3. Rote should not have been can shoot someone in the cas of Rape and Arson,usually just pulling out a weapon deters the criminal . We all know that nyc gun laws are unconstitutional. SCOTUs tilled that all citizens can carry beyond your home.


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