Oh, There’s More to This Story About WaPo’s Top Writer Having a Meltdown Over Hunter Biden

AP Photo/Julio Cortez

The Washington Post’s Philip Bump did not have a great interview with comedian and podcaster Noam Dworman. The writer was pressed about the Hunter Biden story, its river of contradictions, and the increasing amounts of corroborating evidence confirming everything conservative media and independent reporters have written about the sordid deals this family was making abroad. The establishment media was okay with accepting the intelligence community’s lie that Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation when we all knew it wasn’t. They used much ink running interference for Biden, and they’re backed into a corner.

The mind of the American liberal cannot apologize to those they view as second-class. That’s everyone who is not like them, which is most of the country. So, those in the media with this disposition go about their business and hope no one notices. The problem is you can’t do that on a story that could lead to Joe Biden being impeached.

Bump finally got up and left, vented on Twitter, and then deleted the rage tweets. Meanwhile, Dworman could have gone nuclear but didn’t, though he also showed once more that Bump couldn’t handle the truth, especially if it embarrasses Democrats. Mr. Dworman responded to Bump’s rage tweets, noting that the interview was anything but a setup:

To recap, here’s why Bump decided to run away from the interview (via Fox News):

During a tense debate with podcast host Noam Dworman, Washington Post columnist Philip Bump left the set when the host kept insisting there is evidence that President Joe Biden knew about, and participated in, Hunter Biden’s corruption with foreign business firms. 

After more than an hour of Dworman presenting Bump in a podcast appearance last week with what he saw as evidence that the president was involved in his son’s corruption during the Comedy Cellar podcast – and the reporter denying it meant anything – Dworman pressed Bump on a text message Hunter sent his daughter claiming he owed his dad “50% of my income.” 

Bump, who has written extensively on Biden’s son for his outlet, dismissed the question altogether, claiming “I have no idea what that means.” The question seemed to be the last straw for Bump, who continued to dodge it and subsequent questions from Dworman, before announcing that he was leaving the show.

The arrogance of these media figures, despite being beaten bloody over their massive failure over the Russian collusion hoax, is something to behold but is more of a cautionary tale.


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