Ohio Supreme Court Sides With Oberlin


The Ohio Supreme Court ruled this week that Oberlin College does not have to pay $36million to a mom-and-pop bakery. During the appeals process, Oberlin College was accused of being racist.According to Cleveland.com, Oberlin’s Tuesday ruling doesn’t mean that it is exempt from responsibility. Oberlin does not have to pay Gibson’s Bakery during its appeal against the decision.

Oberlin had initially attempted to evade paying the family-owned business by suing two lower courts. The Ohio Supreme Court has now heard the appeal.

Oberlin said that it used Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure as well as state law to show it didn’t need to pay the huge judgment in a motion for a court hearing.

Oberlin claimed in its motion that Oberlin had failed to execute the bond. Oberlin stated that the bond would not be collectible prior to exhaustion of all appeals.

Gibson Family is not on board. They claim they have completed all steps necessary to execute their judgment properly and collect the surety bond in this case. ”

Gibson’s stated that all that is left is to make the payment. Oberlin asks the Court to rescue them, after realizing their error. ”

Meredith Raimondo (now an ex-dean) orchestrated a woke mob that slandered the family and called them racists after calling police on three students accused of shoplifting wine bottles. In 2019, the college was ordered by the 137-year-old bakery to pay $33million for defamation damages.

Oberlin refused to pay $33million court-ordered damages to the bakery. He is also facing $4million interest charges.

Oberlin will not pay Gibson’s Bakery, but the company is in serious financial trouble because college students and Raimondo falsely accused the family of racism. The Gibson family still waits for their millions.

According reports, the Ohio Supreme Court is yet to indicate a date for when appeals will be heard in this case.


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