Donald Trump on Warpath: Former President Accuses Rupert Murdoch, Fox News of Promoting Ron DeSantis

Jeff Swensen/Getty Images; Inset: Noah Berger/AP; Breitbart News Edit

Former President Donald Trump expressed his fury at Fox News and owner Rupert Murdoch for promoting Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis after the midterm elections in an intentional effort to promote himself as the future of the Republican Party.

“NewsCorp, which is Fox, the Wall Street Journal, and the no longer great New York Post (bring back Col!), is all in for Governor Ron DeSanctimonious,” the president said on social media.

Since the midterm elections, Murdoch’s media empire began unloading on Trump.

The Wall Street Journal published six anti-Trump op-eds, including one calling him “the Republican Party’s biggest loser.”

“He has now flopped in 2018, 2020, 2021, and 2022,” the editorial published on Wednesday read.

The New York Post published a cover featuring DeSantis as the future of the Republican party on Wednesday morning.

On Thursday, the Post featured a cover mocking the former president as “Trumpty Dumpty” for failing to finish his border wall, having a “great fall” and leaving the party in shambles.

The former president, clearly not pleased with Fox News’s coverage of DeSantis, recalled on social media the 2016 presidential election, when the network tried to stop him from winning the Republican primary.

“This is just like 2015 and 2016, a Media Assault (Collusion!), when Fox News fought me to the end until I won, and then they couldn’t have been nicer or more supportive,” he wrote, alluding to the attempt by the cable network to kneecap him in the 2016 Republican primaries.

Trump recalled that The Wall Street Journal swooned over failed presidential candidate Jeb Bush and his policies during the Republican primaries.

The former president even proposed that CNN create a rival conservative cable news network that would “only have me on.”

“[I]t would be the most successful network in History,” Trump said. “Fox only made it because of me, Twitter only made it because of me, and even Facebook is now in the tubes, having lost almost $90 billion in value since I was taken off.”

“For me, Fox News was always gone, even in 2015-16 when I began my ‘journey,’ but now they’re really gone,” Trump wrote. “Such an opportunity for another media outlet to make an absolute fortune, and do good for America.”


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