Palace Intrigue Hits Fever Pitch as WH Knows Joe Blew It With Dark Brandon Speech


The White House has been criticized by both Republicans and Democrats for its viciously partisan primetime speech. Some even called it the “Dark Brandon Speech” and some even criticized the bizarre optics.

Biden began walking it back just 24 hours after his speech, perhaps sensing that he had gone too far.

Biden responded to a reporter’s query by saying, “I don’t consider any Trump supporters a threat to this country.”

We are now one week later and some inside the White House are reportedly furious at the continued criticism in the media of him using his office to launch bitterly divisive, sustained political attacks against his political opposition. While others acknowledge that Biden and his “advance staff” are screwed up:

According to a source familiar with the matter, White House officials were upset by negative coverage from CNN about President Joe Biden’s speech in Philadelphia last week. The speech decried the threat to American democracy. One person with knowledge of the situation pointed out that the network focused on Biden’s speech’s optics, in which he stood in front of a dramatic background and several U.S Marines behind him.

Even though the White House complained about CNN’s changes, some White House staff admit that they made mistakes in Biden’s speech. Two other sources with information on the mood inside the building claimed that some staff was shocked by the work of the advanced team, so close-up shots of the president did not include the blood-red background.

The meme-makers, including Jeff Charles, couldn’t resist drawing comparisons between Biden and Darth Sidious in front of the creepy red background.

Joe Biden delivering his primetime speech as Emperor Palpatine (Credit to Jeff Charles).

We previously reported that more than the White House officials refusing to admit the speech was not a good idea and the manner it was presented, the majority of Americans didn’t approve of Biden’s message.

One Democratic pollster, Mark Penn, believes that Biden’s student debt relief power grab and Dark Brandon address have likely hampered any midterm election year momentum he and Democrats might have gained after Roe v. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court in June.

Democrat pollster Mark Penn thinks that @JoeBiden‘s student loan action & his divisive hate speech in Philadelphia blunted the Democrats momentum going into the midterms. @larry_kudlow

— Brian Doherty (@BDOH) September 7, 2022

As I have said before, Democrats are known for playing too big and seeing their strategies backfire when the dust settles. This seems to be one such instance. It’s a beautiful sight. It’s true.

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