Palestinian Illegal Alien Enters U.S. Via Mexico, Beats NYC Homeowner Over His Support for Israel

AP Photo/Moises Castillo

In yet another disturbing example of illegal aliens from all over the world entering the U.S. via Mexico, a 26-year-old Palestinian illegal allegedly beat a New York homeowner to the ground and stole his U.S. and Israeli flags out of his yard — all while yelling antisemitic slurs. 

Bechir Lehbeib told police he’s a Palestinian from North Africa. He entered the U.S. via the Mexican border in Arizona over the summer and claimed to be seeking asylum. Lehbeib gave authorities two different New York City migrant shelters as his address.

Hang on a sec. 

So we’re to believe that a 26-year-old Palestinian man travels halfway around the world, perhaps against difficult odds, to seek asylum in the U.S. — presumably hoping for a better life — and when he finally gets here, he promptly beats up an American citizen he doesn’t even know, steals the man’s American and Israeli flags, and screams antisemitic slurs while doing so? 

Maybe it’s just me but that doesn’t sound like the profile of a legit asylum seeker.

Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman told reporters Tuesday:

These are not the type of people who come to America like my great-grandparents did, like your great-grandparents and grandparents and parents who came to America to kiss the ground. Instead, they spit on our flag, they trample on our values and they commit crimes. And they do so at taxpayer expense.

Correct. In addition, our great-grandparents came to America to become Americans — to assimilate into American society — and to create better lives for themselves, their children, and generations to come. I’ll go out on a limb and bet that’s not what Mr. Lehbeib had in mind when he stole his way across the Mexican border.

Blakeman told Fox Digital News:

The Nassau County Police Department and District Attorney Donnelly have a unique approach for the metropolitan area. We make the arrest, we bring the charges and we demand justice against foreign invaders who have no respect for America and religious freedom.

“[W]e bring the charges and we demand justice.” That’s the American way, is it not? The American judicial system doing its job. Or should I say, the way it used to be? 

As my colleague Bob Hoge reported on Jan. 31, a group of Venezuelan illegal aliens beat and kicked NYPD officers in Times Square … some of whom were apprehended after a manhunt but were released hours later without bail. Moreover, one of the attackers already had two open criminal cases against him for assault and battery. One wonders about the chances of these brutes — who shouldn’t even be in the country — committing even more violent crimes in the future.

So back to the Palestinian illegal. Here’s how the attack against the homeowner allegedly unfolded:

While Lehbeib claimed to be looking for work at the time of the attack Sunday afternoon, video shows him walking through a residential neighborhood before he took a flag and a banner out of someone’s yard.
Police said he allegedly took issue with a sign that said “I stand with Israel” and a combination U.S.-Israeli flag.
The homeowner caught up with him down the block and tried to regain his property. Video shows violence broke out immediately.
The victim broke free and called 911. Before Lehbeib fled, he allegedly made “threatening and biased” statements and told the victim, “I am Palestinian, and you Jews are killing Palestinians.”
After his arrest, Lehbeib allegedly ranted against Jews and threatened more violence against anyone else he saw with an Israeli flag.

“When he approached and confronted the subject, he was met with an overhead right cross to his head,” said Deputy Police Commissioner Kevin Smith, adding: “The subject continued to swing wildly and struggle with the victim, and at one point threw the victim to the ground.”

Lehbeib allegedly headbutted the homeowner at least once and left him with bruises, swelling, and “substantial pain to his head.”

Palestinian Bechir Lehbeib faces hate crime charges, but what’s next? Where will a future illegal alien come from, and what will be perhaps the most unspeakable crime yet?


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