Panic on Set at CNN HQ as Terrified Staffers Wonder Who Will Be Next


As previously reported, CNNHQ has been in chaos as Chris Licht, the new head honcho of CNN appears to be fulfilling his promise to the rest of his staff to get rid of the partisan actors who put the “sh” in “Democratic shill” at this struggling “news” outlet.

Brian Stelter, the former media hall monitor, and resident Biden communications staff cheerleader were the first to receive his papers. He was apparently given only one week to finish the job and say goodbye to the tens to his Sunday “Reliable Sources” broadcast.

Next was John Harwood, their White House correspondent, who announced to his Twitter followers that Friday was his “last day” at CNN. Harwood’s tweets date back to CNBC when he was a favorite of John Podesta, then the Democratic candidate for President Hillary Clinton, on numerous occasions during her failed campaign.

It’s not surprising that Licht’s decisions regarding Harwood and Stelter have left other employees “terrified” as they wonder who will be next to be fired.

According to one CNN journalist, the [Washington] Post was “frightened out”. It almost feels as if there is a pattern. Are you seeing a purge?

They seem to be sending a message, “Pay attention to what you do”.

CNN journalists report that the new boss has not provided much information about his vision and suggested some things reporters could do to avoid appearing partisan when reporting on major issues.

One journalist said to the Post that he believed they were hoping people would guess what to do.

Another employee also criticized the network’s inability to explain the firings. He said: “Long-time CNN personalities are disappearing and viewers don’t understand why.”

One veteran producer spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss concerns about his job. He said that the recent departures and unclear messages spell trouble for the network in the run-up to the midterm elections.

The producer said to the Post that CNN is experiencing a very confusing and troubling time. “I don’t know anyone who’s happy right now.

It would seem obvious that there is a difference between being a “journalist” who is partisan and one who is objective. However, judging from the way some “journalism professors”, indoctrinate their students, it might not be so obvious to those on-air talents, who may have been trained to believe it’s OK to express your opinions in neutral reports.

However, Levon Satamian, my RS colleague, noted Monday that CNN appears to be “making all of the right people upset” about the changes they’re trying to implement, though some recent broadcasts seem to indicate they still have a lot to go.

However, Chris Licht will be praised if he can “un-partisan” CNN. It isn’t an easy task to “de-resist” hard-left movers, shakers, and scions who enjoyed the high life during Zucker’s reign.

If Chris Licht can pull off the un-partisaning of CNN, he deserves some type of award.

— Sister Toldjah (@sistertoldjah) September 6, 2022

Stay tuned, and keep the popcorn ready.

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