Paul Ryan for President?


Paul Ryan was once one the most powerful politicians in the country. Ryan decided to resign as Republican Speaker of Congress in 2018, to be able to serve on lucrative boards like Fox News and Reagan Library Foundation. Ryan’s oversight of the Republican loss of the House of Representatives during the 2018 midterms was a disaster.

Ryan has only made one per year a return from the private sector to the public realm. Ryan decided to raise more money to support Republican campaigns and put his weight behind Wyo. Rep. Liz Cheney (R – Egregious). Kinzinger is now retiring. I bet that any money raised for him will return to the Republican coffers. Cheney is likely to lose her seat. The loss can be offset by a prominent CNN gig.

Ryan also testified on behalf of Ketanji brown, the former Judge, to support her legal fitness.

Ryan is believed to have family ties to the controversial KBJ. Paul Ryan’s sister-in-law is the twin brother of KBJ’s wife.

The rule of nepotism is a dominant factor in the ruling class.

Ryan is also campaigning for South Carolina Rep. Tom Rice, who was one of the 10 Republicans who voted to impeach then-President Donald J. Trump. Thanks to his principled stance for democracy (according to him), Rice is being challenged by state Rep. Russell Fry. who has been endorsed by Trump, as well as Horry County Board of Education Chairman Ken Richardson, physician Dr. Garrett Barton, and Christian speaker Barbara Arthur. Apparently, all of these candidates are well funded, so this June 14 South Carolina primary will be one to watch.

Ryan is a member of the following companies: anti-Trump, anti-America First. Ryan also keeps GOP-Elite donors and politically connected donors. This is remarkable in a political climate where his party members are less disregarded by the public.

The Washington Times: Paul D. Ryan (ex-House Speaker) said Thursday that Congress is stuffed with digital-age “entertainers,” making it difficult to find common ground among them and come up with legislative solutions.

Ryan said on CNBC’s “SquawkBox,” that lawmakers had attempted to climb a “meritocracy in Congress” 10 years ago.

Jack Kemp, an ex-Republican from New York who was Housing Secretary under George H.W. Bush handpicked Ryan, an ex-Republican from New York and Housing Secretary under George H.W.

Ryan said, “Policy is and will always be the measure of success. Could you convince your countrymen, colleagues, and constituents that this is the right way to go?” Here’s how to do it. “That’s not what motivates people anymore. Both sides have much to offer entertainment.

Which one is more efficient? Ryan seems to be exposing his inability or unwillingness to entertain with poor policies. Ryan failed to be persuasive and have sound policies.

Forbes wrote this article about Ryan in 2015 when he was elected House speaker.

Ryan is viewed as a man who can compromise. Ryan is open to taking a position about important issues such as tax reform but is not too enmeshed with partisan politics that he is unable to reach across the aisle. Ryan promised to bring Republicans together to work together. After the vote, he stated that “we have a responsibility here at the people’s house to do our business.”

What was Ryan’s legacy after he fled Congress?

Ryan has left Obamacare unaffected despite his promises in every Republican election to fight for its repeal.

Ryan’s ambitious goals to reduce entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicaid were quickly forgotten.

Liz Cheney, his pal, was removed as the leader of the GOP in the House. This caused more division within his party than when Cheney started.

Ryan was a lying liar. He didn’t convince anyone. He didn’t get people’s business done.

What a conservative blog had tidbits to say about Ryan’s 2018 retirement:

Paul Ryan’s resignation as Congressman marks the end for one of the most prominent Republicans of his generation. Ryan was an honest man, who was kind-hearted but ended up pursuing almost all of the causes that he was passionate about.

It was not a joke. We didn’t need an intellectual leader; we needed someone who could lead. They are still a pot of boiling water, but they have been guided by good governance.

Ryan chose to play the insider/insider game and went the opposite route. Ryan pontificates as an older statesman and has had little success but lots in prestige. Ryan is trying to make his voice heard in national conversations and to get back into the public square.

Good. Luck, With That.

Mike Pence is setting the stage for a 2024 Presidential campaign. Ryan could be his running mate or part of his cabinet.

Then, there is this:

This isn’t Ryan. It’s a PAC that is trying to get support for a Ryan-Cheney ticket for 2024. It is amazing that any party has not grasped the national temperature and the Republican and conservative voter preferences.

It would have been fun to see it if nothing else.


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