‘Peace Has a Name: Donald Trump’ — Viktor Orbán Says Trump Only Leader ‘Strong Enough’ to End War in Ukraine

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Donald Trump is the only leader in the United States or Europe who is “strong enough” to put an end to the war in Ukraine, Viktor Orbán said as the Russian invasion of Ukraine approaches its second anniversary.

“Peace has a name, that of Donald Trump,” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told the French news magazine Le Point this week.

Despite fatigue with funding NATO’s proxy war with Russia setting in across the West, globalist politicians appear intent on continuing the war no matter what. For the Hungarian leader, who has been a lone voice among European heads of state calling for peace talks between Moscow and Kyiv — leading to accusations seeking peace makes him a Kremlin stooge — the only viable offramp for the conflict is for his longtime friend and ally to return to the White House.

“We should not forget that Trump was one of the most successful foreign policy presidents of the United States. Not a single war was started by him. And the Abraham Accords were the only serious chance to generate peace, balance and an acceptable form of life in the very difficult Middle East region,” Orbán said.

“My personal conviction remains that if, in February 2022, the American president had been called Donald Trump, there would be no more war in Europe. Today I don’t see anyone other than him, neither in Europe nor in America, who is a leader strong enough to stop the war,” the Hungarian leader declared.

Legacy media outlets and globalist EU politicians have begun to openly warn of the claimed danger to Europe posed by Trump coming back to power — ignoring the destabilising policies of the Biden administration, from the birth of another European migrant crisis following the botched withdrawal of Afghanistan to war breaking out in Europe under his watch.

On the other hand, Orbán argued that a second Trump presidency would be beneficial for Europe, saying: “Let’s go back to 2016, during his first campaign, before the election. At the time, everyone said that the election was won for Hillary Clinton and not for Donald Trump. I clearly said at that time that we needed Donald Trump in Europe,” Orbán said.

“Because when Trump says ‘Make America Great Again’ or ‘America First’, it legitimizes us to say ‘Make Europe Great Again’ and ‘Europe First’. Put Europe first, put France first, put Hungary first. This is the normal attitude in international politics, if we wish to find agreements based on the basis of national interest.”

Orbán criticised power players in Berlin, Brussels and Paris, who ultimately seek to expand the EU into Ukraine, no matter the threat of sparking a full-on war with Russia or the likely negative economic impacts of incorporating the former Soviet state into the bloc, particularly for farmers throughout Europe who will face being further undercut by cheap Ukrainian exports.

“The European Union, in recent years, has increasingly moved in an imperialist direction, especially after the departure of the United Kingdom. It is less and less a community of sovereign states. More and more, no matter what treaty rights you have, no matter what reasonable arguments you put forward to them, they are trying to force you into something you don’t want,” Orbán said.

Those words came just days before Hungary was apparently forced with menaces into signing off on a massive $54 billion EU cash programme for Ukraine, which is had blocked since last year.

President Trump, for his part, has consistently maintained that he would seek a swift end to the conflict in Ukraine, declaring that not only would the war not have happened under his watch but that he would be able to force a peace settlement should he return to the White House.

“I would have that war ended within 24 hours,” Trump said in March, adding: “That war would end within 24 hours. That war would never have started.”

Conversely, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has openly baulked at Trump, saying that the former president’s claim that he could in the war in 24 hours was “very dangerous”.

Speaking from the globalist World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos last month, Zelensky said: “(Trump) is going to make decisions on his own, without … I’m not even talking about Russia, but without both sides, without us. If he says this publicly, that’s a little scary. I’ve seen a lot, a lot of victims, but that’s really making me a bit stressed.

“Because even if his idea (for ending the war) – that no one has heard yet – doesn’t work for us, for our people, he will do anything to implement his idea anyway. And this worries me a little.”


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