Pelosi To Depart On Asia Trip As World Watches For Possible Taiwan Stop


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will leave for Asia on Friday. This marks the start of a diplomatic trip that could cause trouble for the Chinese Communist Party.

Pelosi will travel to many countries in Asia as part of her multiday European tour.

Taiwan is officially the Republic of China. While the island was expecting Pelosi’s visit, recent threats from the People’s Republic of China have drawn global attention.

Pelosi declined to discuss her plans at a Capitol Hill press conference citing security concerns.

The speaker said, “Well, I don’t talk about mine travel because it’s a security risk. It’s a security threat for all members of Congress, especially those who travel overseas.

Friday’s statement by Pelosi was that “we have global responsibility.” I’d say governance and security economy, regardless of whether it involves three things. ” “And that will also be a part of it. ”

Pelosi had intended to visit Taiwan in April. Pelosi would have been the highest-ranking U.S. official ever to visit Taiwan since 1997. She was forced to cancel her trip after she tested positive for coronavirus.

While she hasn’t yet confirmed her plans, rumors indicate that she will be going after saying last week that Taiwan was important to her.

“Those who play with fire will be doomed.” “It is hoped America will be clear-eyed about this,” stated a Chinese interpretation of the BidenXi call.

The People’s Republic of China claims sovereignty on Taiwan Strait and Taiwan Strait. This is the narrow region of ocean between Taiwan and China’s mainland. It’s where the Chinese military have flown in the past to test Taiwan’s air defense systems.

The United States does not have official relations with Taiwan. However, it has been increasing its engagement with Taiwan in the wake of China’s isolationist policies.

Chinese officials claim that if Pelosi visits Taiwan the military will increase its movement of troops and assets to the Indo-Pacific region.

According to the Associated Press the Pentagon planned to visit Pelosi, according to reports. According to the Pentagon, fighter jets, ships, surveillance assets and other military systems will likely be used in overlapping rings that would protect her flight from Taiwan and any time she is at ground level.

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