Pentagon Doesn’t Know How Many More Leaked Documents Are out There


The Pentagon is not sure how many more leaked documents exist on the internet, its deputy press secretary revealed Monday.

According to Deputy Press Secretary Sabrina Singh, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and senior Pentagon officials have convened daily meetings to “examine the scope and scale” of the disclosure, as well as to try to prevent future leaks.

Asked by reporters whether the DOD knows at this point how many documents were leaked, Singh said, “This is an ongoing investigation being led by the Department of Justice. So we are working, consulting with them on an ongoing basis but that investigation will reveal more documents that have been, you know, previously posted.”

She added that in addition to that investigation, the Pentagon’s Intelligence and Security department is doing its own investigation “to get a better assessment of what exactly — what documents were disclosed and where they surfaced online.”

Relatives of Jack Teixeira leave John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse following his arraignment on April 14, 2023 in Boston, Massachusetts. Teixeria, a Massachusetts Air National Guardsman, was charged on two counts: unauthorized retention and transmission of national defense information and unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents or material. (Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

Pressed further, she said, “We’re going to continue to find docs online. … I don’t have a specific number for you at the moment. It’s something that we’re still reviewing, we’re still assessing, and when we have a better grasp of just the scope and scale, we’d be happy to update you but that’s something that we’re continuing to assess.”

Singh also implied that the DOD was learning of new documents through the Justice Department and the media.

“DOJ is the lead investigator on this topic. There could be more documents that are being circulated online. That is something that this investigation is looking into, that’s something that the department is looking into. Different media outlets here in this room have reported on having different numbers of pages, numbers of documents.

“At each time that, you know, we are culling through the documents that we get and as we get more, that number grows,” she said.

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Singh also implied they are trying to work directly with social media platforms to get documents and to review them.

“Could this count grow? I mean, we’re still assessing that, we are still reviewing different posts that continue to surface online and working with — you know, working with online social media platforms to get those documents and to review them,” she said.

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