Peter Doocy Exposes the Dishonesty and Folly of WH Approach on Gas Prices


Gas prices are on the rise again in many areas. Joe Biden claimed that he is responsible for gas prices falling. However, this is a bit of tinkering with Joe Biden’s story. He claimed credit for the theft of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. The reserve should only be used in emergency situations and not to benefit Biden or the Democrats during midterm elections. That’s what was most amazing about their claim. They didn’t make any significant changes to their poor energy policies.

Fox’s Peter Doocy posed a great question to Karine Jean-Pierre (White House Press Secretary), about the role of White House press secretary. It would seem that this is the natural progression if they believe it.

Jean-Pierre stated that it was “a lot nuanced.” Translation: It was “a lot nuanced.” It’s our fault if it falls, regardless of whether or not we were involved. It is a blinking indicator that you don’t produce more or make us energy-independent while draining our savings.

KJP ignored Doocy’s warnings about rising prices again and claimed that Doocy was “pulling aside” from certain areas. ”

It’s a shame that people live in areas experiencing economic growth.

The gas price has risen by at least $1.40 since Biden took office. This is because Bidenflation has caused rising prices of all other commodities to rise. They are trying to gaslight on gas.

Doocy finally asked her about Joe Biden’s trip to Saudi Arabia. He was clutching a hat and begged for more oil.

Jean-Pierre stated clearly that he was not there to get oil but to discuss America’s role in the world. Let’s get started.

It was almost as if Joe Biden was speaking to us about oil and trying to convince us that the trip had been productive. He then accused the Saudis, of lying about it.

This truth is now.

OPEC+, which is unhappy for Democrats and all Americans, will meet this week. According to reports, it plans to cut oil production by more than 1 million barrels daily to increase oil prices. This will compensate for Biden’s withdrawals from the SPR and boost oil prices.

Already high inflation would be fueled by rising oil and gasoline prices. The Federal Reserve will continue to increase interest rates, which would weaken both our economy as well as the stock market.

We are about to face an even bigger price hike because Joe Biden has been a fool. Inflation will rise.

I hope voters follow this. The Democrats’ destructive anti-energy policies have hurt our country and made it difficult for us to be energy independent.


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