Poll: Just 3 in 10 Americans Believe Joe Biden’s Economy Is Good


President Joe Biden’s economy remains a weak point for his reelection hopes, as just three in ten Americans believe the Biden economy is good, an AP-NORC Center poll recently found.

The poll asked respondents, “How would you describe the nation’s economy these days?”

Only 30 percent said Biden’s economy is good, while 69 percent said it is poor. One percent said, “Neither good nor poor.”

In addition, the poll found only 34 percent approved of Biden’s management of the economy. A majority (64 percent) said they disapproved.

Biden also received poor marks among Democrats. Only 60 percent of Democrats approved of his economy. Thirty-nine percent disapproved.

Younger Democrats were more likely to disapprove of Biden’s economy than older Democrats. Sixty-eight percent of younger Democrats described the economy as poor, compared with 39 percent of Democrats age 45 and older.

Among independents, Biden’s rating on the economy was worse. Sixty-four percent disapproved, while only 34 percent approved.

Overall, just 41 percent of independents approved of Joe Biden. That number among Democrats was just 71 percent, down from 77 percent in January.

The poll sampled 1,220 Americans from June 22-26, 2023, with a +/- 3.9 percent margin of error.

The terrible numbers for Joe Biden come as he recently launched a 2024 reelection campaign. To shore up his sagging economic numbers, he tried to coin the term “Bidenomics.”

“Bidenomics is working,” Joe Biden claimed last week in Chicago.

Republicans quickly attacked Biden’s claim and reversed the meaning of the term.

“President Biden boasts about ‘Bidenomics,’ despite overseeing skyrocketing inflation and record high gas prices,” the House Republicans’ Twitter account posted.

“Bidenomics means more Americans using retirement savings to pay for their bills,” Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) posted on Twitter. “Bidenomics: taxing Americans to pay for Biden’s green new deal.”

“Bidenomics is nothing to brag about,” Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) added. “Americans from every walk of life are struggling thanks to Biden’s failed policies.”

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