Poll Shows Democrats Have Begun to Regain Voter Trust on Key Issues


A Morning Consult Poll has shown that voters are beginning to trust Democrats again on certain issues. Democrats are now leading on topics like health care, voting rights, and COVID-19. They also have a greater lead in the “Who do trust?” question on a specific issue.

The poll found that “Congressional Democrats have an average advantage over congressional Republicans of 6 percentage points (45%-39%) when asked by voters who they trust to handle a wide range of 14 issues.” Since early April, the advantage has been steadily increasing since then.

All of the above issues are overrated when you consider inflation and the economy as a whole.

The top concern of the majority of voters this year is the budget. Congress Republicans hold a double-digit trust advantage over inflation (47 % to 36%) and an even smaller edge on the economy overall (46% to 39%). Although trust in Republicans is steady, the percentage of people who trust Democrats to manage inflation and the economy has increased from 30% to 33% after rising prices.

It is a sad fact that once the shock of high costs wears off people learn to live with it, and Democrats’ numbers increase by default.

The poll revealed that only 30% of Democrats consider the economy to be their top concern.

The Hill:

Although Democrats are still behind Republicans on the issue of inflation and the economy, trust in Democrats’ ability has increased since the big drop in prices in mid-June.

According to the poll, 55 percent of Republicans and 30% of Democrats said that the economy is a top topic.

At 25%, the next highest priority for Democrats was women’s issues including abortion and birth control.

However, the president’s approval numbers and the generic ballot have not improved. According to the poll, 59 percent of voters disapprove of Biden’s job performance while 39% approve. The gap between approval/disapproval is slightly larger than it was in June before congressional Democrats improved their trust advantage.

Even though the statistical lead for Democrats in the generic ballot is still insignificant, it hasn’t changed much since June.

Since the start of summer, Democrats’ overall picture has improved slightly. It’s not as if there is “Nowhere to go except up”, as Democrats have stated in the past. While they can grab this one straw, it doesn’t change their chances of keeping the Senate or House.

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