Polling Shows Donald Trump Leading Joe Biden in Georgia, Arizona

Michael Zarrilli/Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump leads President Joe Biden in Arizona and Georgia in a hypothetical general election matchup, according to a Daily Mail-J.L. Partners poll.

Both states played key roles in deciding the 2020 election and sending Biden to the White House and are poised to be just as influential in 2024.

The poll published Monday shows that 39 percent of likely Arizona voters who were surveyed support Trump, while 34 percent support Biden, according to the Daily Mail‘s graphic. Another twenty percent would back someone else, while six percent are undecided:

The race is tighter in Georgia, where the 45th president has a 39 percent to 36 percent advantage over Biden. Fifteen percent of respondents prefer another candidate, and nine percent are undecided.

“Buoyed by a solid performance amongst his base and a lead with independents in the two states, Trump is the early favorite,” J.L. Partners Cofounder James Johnson told the Daily Mail.

“Though Biden still has women and graduates on [his] side, as well as Black voters, Trump is narrowing the gap with the latter group as well as Hispanics,” he added.

While the 45th president has the edge in Arizona and Georgia, the poll found Biden to be ahead in a third swing state, Wisconsin. In the Badger State, 37 percent of respondents broke for Biden, while 32 percent backed Trump in the poll. Almost one in four voters support someone else, and six percent are undecided.

“Is there a new pattern at play with Trump making gains in states with a more diverse electorate while white women stick with Biden?’ Johnson wondered.

J.L Partners sampled 1,650 voters – 550 in each state– from November 27-December 1, and the margin of error is ± 4.2 percent.

The poll comes as Trump leads Biden and dominates the Republican primary in RealClearPolitics national polling averages. The averages in a hypothetical 2020 rematch as of Monday showed Trump with 47 percent support and Biden at 45.3 percent. In the GOP primary field, the former president held an average lead of 47.5 percentage points over his nearest competitor, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL).


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