‘Pregnancy prevention program for transgender boys’: HHS grants $700K to sex ed for ‘gender-diverse youth’


The Department of Health and Human Services granted nearly $700,000 in taxpayer funds to pregnancy prevention programs for young girls who say they are boys, with the program claiming that “heteronormative” sexual education is not applicable to them.

The HHS awarded precisely $698,736 to the Center for Innovative Public Health Research, a nonprofit that seeks to create “an inclusive teen pregnancy program for transgender boys.”

The grant, which began in September 2023 and will conclude at the end of June 2027, was described as “#TranscendentHealth,” an “lgb+ inclusive teen pregnancy prevention program for transgender boys – youth who are assigned female at birth (afab) and identify as transgender (e.G., as non-binary or as trans boys), not as girls.”

The justification for the program is that typical sexual education is not “salient or applicable” to “gender-diverse youth.” The document described typical sex-ed as “cisgender” and “heteronormative.”

It continued to claim that young girls who identify as boys “may be” less likely to use condoms when having sex with “people with penises.”

“Health inequity must be addressed,” the document stated.

The grant will help fund a a program called “Girl2Girl,” which is a “text messaging based sexual health program designed for cisgender sexual minority girls 14-18 years of age.”

The Center for Innovative Public Health Research stated that “sexual minority girls are more likely than heterosexual girls to be pregnant during adolescence.”

The organization planned to acquire ongoing feedback from young girls who are gender-confused and conduct focus groups to “give voice to the contexts that affect sexual decision making of afab trans-identified youth.”

Then, the program would create “content advisory teams” to develop learning tools for the identified group.

According to the Daily Wire, the Center for Innovative Public Health Research will also receive a total of $1.4 million in taxpayer funding from the HHS to develop an “HIV prevention program for trans girls.”

The document promised to harness “the power of technology” to develop the program and estimated that one out of every five “transgender girls” (males) may be HIV-positive.

“Messaging will be gender affirming” and will “reduce internalized transphobia,” the grant description added.


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