Pro-Choice Protesters Burn American Flag in Streets of Washington DC


After the Supreme Court’s decision to reverse Roe v Wade, protestors for pro-choice burnt the American flag Friday night. Protesters burned the American flag near the intersection of D St. NW and 7th St SW in Washington, D.C.

One sign that was next to the burning flag read “F–k MPD” and another reads “F–k you Thomas, Alito, Coney Barrett, Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, Roberts.”

As the American flag was lit on a Washington street, protesters could be heard cheering.

Thousands marched in Washington, D.C. all day to protest the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

On Friday night, officers with the U.S. Capitol Police were seen in riot gear on stand-by while protestors gathered outside the Supreme Court.

Protests were planned in major cities across the country.

We were informed by a spokesperson for the Department of Homeland Security that they are working with law enforcement agencies in order to protect Americans.

“Americans have fundamental constitutional rights to freedom of speech and peaceful protest. These rights do not include violence or other illegal activities. DHS will continue to work with our partners at all levels of government to share timely data and support law enforcement efforts to keep communities safe,” said the spokesperson.

I don’t understand what these lunatics are thinking. Abortion is murder no matter how in the hell you look at it, it is wrong!!! All children deserve a chance at life, they don’t deserve to be killed just because people are too irresponsible to use condoms or birth control. Babies can be put up for adoption instead of murdering them, there are plenty of people who can’t have children and would love to adopt. Killing an unborn baby is horrific, and all of these woke morons supporting it are obviously sick in the head. God does not make mistakes and gives us children for a reason, it’s really heartbreaking that so many people don’t realize that.


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