Pro-Vax Doc Believes COVID Booster Accelerated His Cancer


Michel Goldman, Ph.D. is a professor of Immunology & Pharmacotherapy at Belgium’s Universite libre. He believes that a COVID-19 booster may have accelerated his cancer growth.

Goldman, who is a well-known European advocate for vaccines, felt compelled to speak out about his views because he wanted an open and honest discussion on the COVID-19 vaccines. According to Goldman, the Pfizer booster shot that he received on September 22nd 2021 appears to have accelerated his angioimmunoblastic-T-cell lymphoma progression (AITL).

Goldman, 67 years old, was diagnosed with AITL and felt it was right to obtain the COVID booster. His immune system would be compromised if he started chemotherapy.

A CT scan was taken shortly after Goldman had received the shot. It revealed that the cancer had spread quickly in such a short time that each of the nodules could be seen throughout the scan.

Initial scans revealed that Michel had a cluster of cancerous nodes in his left armpit. This was particularly concerning considering that the first two vaccines were administered to this side. The asymmetry caused due to the cancer was reversed after receiving the second dose of treatment on the other side.

Serge Goldman, Goldman’s brother and fellow scientist, was also a head of nuclear medicine at the teaching facility of the Universite libre de Brüssel. However, they couldn’t shake the feeling of Michel having experienced what could be a rare but potentially life-threatening side effect to COVID vaccination.

The Atlantic reported that shots might have given such a jolt his T cells that they went crazy,” The Atlantic reported. Overstimulation could have made it worse if the cells were more prone to developing tumors or were already diagnosed with cancer.

The Epoch Times notes that body scans of people who have received mRNA vaccines, including patients with cancer, show heightened activity in lymph nodes close to the armpit.

Goldman said that despite serious concerns about the safety of mRNA vaccinations, he has no regrets sharing his story. “I am still convinced that it was the right decision to make.”

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