Psaki: Trump Voters ‘More Likely to Support’ Him After ‘Echoing Hitler’ — There Is a Market for Tyranny


MSNBC host Jen Psaki said Monday on her show “Inside” that former President Donald Trump supporters are “more likely” to support him after he was “echoing Hitler.”

Psaki said, “This weekend, Trump once again echoed dictators, praised autocrats, repeated racist language, and was still cheered on by arenas packed with people who will cast their ballots in just over one month. During that speech on Saturday in New Hampshire, Trump once again said immigrants are, ‘poisoning the blood of our country.’ Now, that’s clearly inflammatory. It’s dehumanizing. It’s white supremacist rhetoric. And as we mentioned on this show last time, Trump said this, it very clearly echoes the words of Hitler.”

She continued, “If Trump wins in 2024, his detractors will have to reconcile what it means to share a country with so many citizens who keep watching Trump spiral deeper into his moral void and still conclude, ‘Yes, that’s our guy.’ This isn’t just anecdotal. It’s also registering in the polls. According to a new survey of likely Republican caucusgoers in Iowa, 42% say they are more likely to support Trump for claiming immigrants are poisoning the blood of America. 43% are more likely to support him for saying his enemies needed to be rooted out like vermin. 50% say they are more likely to vote for Trump because of his promise of sweeping raids, giant camps, and mass deportations of immigrants. More likely to vote for him. So again, echoing Hitler, backing up racist talk with racist plans, that is making large swaths of Iowa Republicans more likely to vote for him, according to these polls.”

Psaki added, “Trump is clearly slipping in this vile, violent language more and more with a dictatorial speech there, an authoritarian Truth Social post here. He is trying to normalize his extreme fascist rhetoric to condition his supporters to be okay with it. It seems to be working. There is a market for the tyranny he is selling. At the end of the day, it’ll be up to all of us to decide if this is the kind of country we want to live in. For lots of people right now, the answer seems to be yes. For lots of people, that is still there guy.”


  1. Psaki still has TDS so bad she continues to lie about him. For her total misinformation and complete falsehoods she should be one of the censored. The Trump supporters are proud Americans who get tired of the same broken record rhetoric from the likes of total misinformation from the corrupt left wing fake journalists. The false rhetoric from the democrats because they know they can’t win elections without political witch hunts and voting fraud. Psaki is a know nothing voice from a biased network filled with left wing BS.

  2. What’s laughable is that what Psaki or any of the other MSM Stalin worshippers have to say will become more desperate as Trump continues to steam roll their efforts to interfere. As we get closer to Trump blowing out this next election we can expect these government owned & operated communist propagandists to become so unhinged that it will be like watching the exorcist with green goo everywhere!!


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