Rand Paul And Fauci Face Off Officials Recommending Boosters For Children


Rand Paul (R.KY) fought with quadruple vaccinated Doctor Anthony Fauci at a Senate hearing this Week. Fauci was questioned by the Senate medical adviser about pushing boosters for children despite an astonishing lack of data.

Paul clarified however that it was essentially “the evidence” Fauci’s committees used.

“That is the only reason to tell your children to take boosters. They make antibodies. It’s not absurd. You have at least five boosters. You have had two to three boosters. Paul asked the question, “Where is the proof?” He was referring to the risks associated with the vaccine.

“So, the risk of myocarditis from a second dose for adolescents aged 12-24 years is approximately 80 per million.” He said that this is from both the CDC as the Israeli study. He also cited another study with “remarkably similar results”.

“So there’s risk and there are risks and you’re telling everyone in America to blindly go out there, because we made antibodies. It isn’t absurd to say that you have 10 boosters. You can actually make antibodies if there are 100 boosters. That’s not science. That’s conjecture. Paul stressed that we shouldn’t be making public policies on it, as Fauci ignored Paul’s main point.

“We heard ranking member Burr speak about his staff’s trip to Israel in his opening speech. And if you look at data from Israel, both the third and fourth shot boosts were associated with clear clinical effects mostly in the elderly. Fauci stated that they also gathered more data from people in their 40s and 50s. “There is clinical data,” Fauci added. Paul agreed, adding, “But not for children.”

Paul stated, noting that 75% of American children have had the disease.

“Why doesn’t the CDC include this information in their data?” The question is open for discussion. To determine who has it, you can run laboratory tests. How common is COVID in children? What are the chances of them being hospitalized or dying after getting it? Paul asked Fauci as Fauci tried to defend his recommendation.

“Senator,” he stated, as Paul interjected. Fauci was not able to answer his question.

“You don’t know the answer to my question.” He asked, “How many children are dying?”

“The answer might be zero, but you don’t even give us the data because your heart is set on protecting everyone from all the data. We’re not smart enough not to see the data,” continued the Kentucky Republican.

“When you published data earlier, the CDC did not include the 18-49 age group on whether there was a health benefit to adults 18-49. Why did it get left out? After critics complained, it was finally added because there was no health benefit to taking a booster between 18 and 49 in the CDC study.” he said.

The most recent data from American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) shows that 46 states, New York City, Puerto Rico and Guam reported child COVID-19 death rates ranging from 0.00% to 0.022%. Children were 0.00%-0.32% of all COVID-19-related deaths. Only 1 state reported no child deaths.

Additionally, hospitalizations were reported in 25 states and New York City.


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