Rand Paul Ran a Poll on Who Should Replace Mitch McConnell As Leader – The Results Were Overwhelming

Stefani Reynolds/The New York Times via AP, Pool

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) ran a poll on the X platform on who should be the next Republican Senate leader and the results were overwhelming.

Ever a popular figure among the grassroots, Paul responded to calls and speculation that he runs to be the next Republican Senate leader to replace the outgoing Mitch McConnell, who will retire at the end of this year. 

“Thousands of people have been asking if I’d run for Senate leadership…,” Paul wrote on X, followed up by a poll of three potential candidates. 

Paul’s poll featured three candidates; himself, John Cornyn of Texas and John Thune of South Dakota. As of the time of writing, Paul had won well over 95 percent of the vote.

It is worth bearing in mind that such polls are deeply unscientific and do not necessarily translate into success, particularly given the wider public have no say on the matter. However, what it does suggest is that Paul is overwhelmingly the grassroots favorite to replace his fellow senator for Kentucky.

Among those to indicate their support for Paul was X owner Elon Musk, who replied with the single word “sure” to Paul’s suggestion. Musk then remarked that it “would be interesting to see the other Senate leadership candidates run similar polls.” 

Paul later celebrated his victory in a follow up tweeting, correctly pointing out that 97 percent of voters “oppose the status quo.” 

Announcing his bid for the leadership last week, Cornyn declared

Thune, meanwhile, confirmed his bid in an interview with Dakota News Now.

Another name touted as a possible replacement was Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming, although he has since confirmed he will seek the number two spot instead.

“I have had time to reflect on how I might best serve the Republican Conference and our country,” Barrasso said in a statement Tuesday morning. “After a lot of thought, I will ask my colleagues for their support and help to work for them as the Assistant Republican Leader.”


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