Rep. Elise Stefanik Introduces Bill To Create Tax Deduction For Gun Safety Training


Rep. Elise Stefanik (R.NY), has proposed the Firearm Proficiency and Training Act (FPTA), which provides a tax break to Americans who are interested gun training and safety courses.

Representatives. Richard Hudson (R.NC), and Carol Miller (R.WV) co-sponsor FPTA.

This bill would give Americans a tax break for gun purchases and training to be proficient in firearm safety.

This text from FPTA explains the tax deduction process:

A person shall be allowed to deduct the following amounts for their tax year: (1) the amount that was paid by taxpayers for safe gun storage or safety devices during the taxable year; (2) the amount that taxpayers paid during the tax-year for concealed carry firearms or firearm safety classes which–(A.) is taught by a firearms instructor certified or (B.). Meets the requirements for any permit or license for a fire23 arm (including hunting licences) issued under State law.

Stefanik spoke to Breitbart News about the bill. Stefanik spoke with Breitbart News to discuss the bill.


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