Republican Young Kim Wins in California

AP Photo/Chris Carlson, File

Republican Young Kim has defeated Democrat Asif Mahmood in her bid for California’s 40th U.S Congressional District, successfully defending her seat after winning in 2020.

With 54 percent reporting as of Wednesday night, Rep. Young Kim appears to have coasted to victory by earning 58 percent of the vote versus Mahmood’s 41 percent.

Kim became one of the first Korean members of Congress after she successfully won her seat in 2020 following a failed bid in the 2018 midterm. Most notable about her 2020 victory was how she came up ahead in the race after counting mail-in ballots while she trailed in the 2018 race due to mail-in ballots.

Kim was largely favored for reelection, with recent polls putting her ahead in the race by a whopping 16 points.

Maddy Mundy, DCCC’s spokesperson, called Kim a “radical” for her pro-life views and rejection of same-sex marriage. “From now until November, Democrats will make her dangerous agenda known,” she told Politico.


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