Republicans Mulling Run For President Not Waiting On Trump


Donald Trump, the former President of the United States, teases crowds in America suggesting that he might run for President again in 2024. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said to Fox News that he doesn’t think the 2024 Republican field has been frozen until Trump decides.

“President Trump was perfect. Perfect for 2016. Pompeo stated that we needed this kind of disruption. “If I decide that I am the right person to take that responsibility forward, I will start in Iowa to make that case to the American people.”

At the three-day Faith and Freedom Coalition Road to Majority Conference, held in Nashville, Pompeo, Trump and Nikki Haley gave the keynote speeches.

This annual gathering of religious conservatives was created to help Republicans prepare for the midterm elections. Pompeo and Haley answered questions about 2024 by stating that they are focused on helping Republicans win governors and congressional races across the country. They will then officially determine their political futures.

Haley stated that she doesn’t believe that I need to make the decision until next year. “I’ve never lost a race. I won’t start right now. If I have a place, I’ll put 1000% to it and we’ll complete it.”

Pompeo said, “We will look at that exact question at the end of the year, the beginning next year.” “We will pray, and we will work.”

Another anticipated 2024 candidate, Mike Pence, was absent from this year’s conference. Pence was reportedly at an Ohio energy roundtable and a source close to him pointed out that he had recently joined the Faith and Freedom Coalition of North Carolina. Ralph Reed, founder of the Coalition, said that Pence is still very involved with the organization.

After his meeting with Trump, Pence was booed at the conference last year. Reed claims that there were only a few vocal jeers at the conference and that most of those booing weren’t coalition members. They were mostly people who “just registered and showed-up and protested Trump.”

Reed described Pence as a “favorite friend of the Faith and Freedom Coalition.” He has spoken at numerous Faith and Freedom events across the country. He is always welcome. He was invited to come back next year. He will be invited back next year, and he will be invited back each year.”

Despite potential Republican candidates being placed early, the former president still dominates the field.

“Would anyone like me to run for president?” During his Friday keynote address, Trump asked the audience. This was the most enthusiastic applause he received during his Friday keynote address. Trump has yet not officially announced a second run for the presidency.

Trump spent much time criticizing Pence in his address for not trying to overturn the 2020 elections and repeating unsubstantiated allegations of widespread voter fraud. Senior Republicans have publicly urged Trump to focus on his 2020 loss and the high energy and inflation prices and southwest border surges which have dragged down Democrats’ approval ratings.

Haley was asked if Trump should stop talking about 2020. Trump replied that it was up to him and that Trump felt “heartburn” over this. We need to be able to see that the American people are suffering, and their wallets are suffering.”


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