Republicans Score Huge Win in Virginia As Soros-Backed Commonwealth’s Attorney Goes Down in Flames


As the post-mortem analyses from Tuesday’s off-year elections continue to roll in, there is some welcome news emerging from here in Loudoun County, Virginia: Buta Biberaj, the Soros-backed commonwealth’s attorney who was soft on criminals, preferring instead to prosecute concerned parents, has been defeated by her Republican opponent, Bob Anderson.

Biberaj is probably most well known for her despicable actions following two rapes committed by a “transgender” boy at county high schools; while the school board was failing to alert parents to the danger in their schools after the first rape, Biberaj was failing to file charges against the boy. This allowed the boy to return to school, where he proceeded to sexually assault another girl. 

Her shameful behavior got worse. When Scott Smith, the father of the first rape victim, accosted school board members at a public meeting, he was physically hauled out by security — getting bloodied in the process — and found himself being charged by Biberaj for “disorderly conduct.” 

Our wonderful governor, Glenn Youngkin, has since pardoned Smith. This obviously angered Biberaj, who proceeded to spend months fighting with and mocking the Smith family on X/Twitter.

So, that’s what we were dealing with here in LoCo. A good person, she is not. 

This is just the most high-profile example of Biberaj’s incompetence, immaturity and devotion to injustice. She really ticked off voters earlier this year when she instructed her office to stop prosecuting thousands of misdemeanor cases, allowing numerous repeat offenders to get off scot free. You can imagine what happened next: Shoplifting increased, dangerous drivers were allowed to stay on the road and petty criminals felt emboldened to target residents, knowing Biberaj had their back.

Voters were ticked, indeed, and the result is defeat for Buta Biberaj at the ballot box. Despite being outspent by Biberaj 12-to-1, Anderson picked up enough support from Democrats to squeak out a win. Biberaj has refused to accept defeat, of course, but Anderson took to her favorite platform on Wednesday morning to lay out the facts: She’s toast. 

This was a narrow defeat, for sure, but there are some lessons here for Republicans, especially when you consider that our Republican sheriff, Mike Chapman, was reelected handily. Here’s one: Democrats lose support from their own side when they go soft on crime. Here’s another: Parents rights is still a winning issue, even in mostly-blue counties like Loudoun. Glenn Youngkin may have had a rough night, but his ideals still ring true in much of Virginia.

While others bemoan the GOP’s less-than-stellar performance on Tuesday, there’s a bipartisan chorus ringing through Loudoun County today:

Ding dong, baby. The witch is dead.


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