Republicans Who Flipped Blue House Seat In Texas Says Her Victory Sends Strong Message To Democrats


Mayra Flowers, Republican Rep.-Elect says Democrats should take her win in the special Texas congressional elections as a warning to Hispanic voters not to be taken for granted.

Flores won Tuesday’s race for a seat at the House near the nation’s southern Rio Grande Valley border. This makes her the first Mexican-born congresswoman since its inception a decade ago.
This district runs from San Antonio eastward to the southern border in Texas. The previous incumbent, Barack Obama, carried it by 22 points a decade ago. However, President Biden won it with only 4.2 points in 2020.

Flores was asked by Hidalgo and Cameron why they were so strongly in favor of Flores. Flores responded, “because I am one among them and I’m standing for our values.” Flores replied, “because I am one of them and I’m standing up for our values.”

Flores was at 50% and avoided a raceoff in a race that had four candidates. Flores was just eight points ahead of Dan Sanchez to finish the six-month term of former Democratic Rep. Filemon Vela. Vela resigned in March after accepting a job at a lobbying firm.

Flores’ win not only narrows the House Democrats’ already slim majority in the chamber by one seat, but it also gives Republicans more momentum going into November’s midterm election, when they seek to flip other Democratic-controlled Hispanic majority areas.

Flores is a respiratory therapist. She spoke about her experiences as the wife and mother to a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

Wednesday’s memo was released by the National Republican Congressional Committee. It’s the re-election arm of the House GOP.

This was one the three Texas border districts that NRCC wanted to make red. They also intend to make majority Hispanic Arizona, California districts in November.

According to the NRCC, Mayra’s victory proved that we have the blueprint for success in South Texas and will set Republicans up for greater success this November. ”

Flores and her Republican allies spent more than $1 million to run TV ads during this special election. This was a huge outlay for Sanchez.

Monica Robinson (spokesman for the DCCC) stated that the NRCC had shown that MAGA Republican candidates could barely make it to the finish line when they outspent the Democrat by 20:1. If only 7% turn out.


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