Republicans Who Sold You out on Guns Prepare Their Next Betrayal


The Senate’s new gun control bill was approved by 14 Republican votes on Tuesday evening. After just one hour, the 80-page bill was released. Senators Lindsey Graham and Mitt Romney gave their approval. Mike Caputo and John Cornyn were the lead negotiators, working together with Democrats to create it.

We highlighted some of the most disturbing provisions, such as its funding of “red-flag” laws and its dumping of billions in the partisan DOJ. Cornyn and others claimed that the money to “harden” schools was missing from a cursory reading. This was supposed to be the “big win” for Republicans, but I only see payoffs to federal bureaucracies.

However, that didn’t stop the Senate floor from exuding positive vibes. Cornyn, in fact, previewed the next betrayal while laughing with Senator Kyrsten Sinema about immigration.

As I said in my initial criticism of the push for gun control, I am completely baffled as to why any Republican, even Graham, and Cornyn, would believe that stabbing GOP voters in the back was a good strategy heading into November. Are they willing to lose? In fact, it might be safer to assume they do. Is there another explanation for such political idiocy, you ask?

Joe Biden currently has the lowest approval rating in polling history for any president at this stage in a presidency. The Republican turnout is outstripping the Democrat turnout during primaries. Mayra Flores, a Congresswoman, has flipped a blue Texas district that had been held by Democrats for more than 100 years. This is the right time to “compromise” on immigration and gun control.

This is not a political strategy. The gun control bill is a bunch of useless fluff, which would not prevent mass shootings. If it fails, Democrats will push for confiscation with the leverage and justification of saying “See, your ideas didn’t work.”

There is no indication that the Biden administration will enforce immigration law no matter how much money you spend. The problems there aren’t just a money problem. The president actively chose to undermine the system by making them a policy issue. Why give Democrats amnesty when it won’t have any effect on security?

All of this is absurd from all angles, so now is the time to make a stand. Your elected representatives should be contacted and encouraged to speak up. These types of capitulations will have severe consequences in the future. These must be challenged.


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