RNC Launches Website Fact-Checking Biden’s Lies in Real Time

AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right? After years of biased leftist “fact-checkers” deceiving the public and helping to suppress conservative content on social media, the Republican National Committee (RNC) is striking back.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) is launching a website called “factcheckbiden.com” dedicated to fact-checking President Biden in real-time, according to Fox News. The RNC aims to hold President Biden accountable for what they claim are lies about the state of the country and his administration’s actions.

The RNC Research and Rapid Response team is launching a website that shares fact-checks with the press and the public in response to President Biden’s public remarks during campaign and official events. President Biden, who is expected to announce his bid for re-election via a campaign video on Tuesday, has been the subject of ongoing speculation about his re-election plans. His team has only stated that he “intends to run” without making any other affirmative statements.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said, in a written statement:

Not only has Biden created crisis after crisis, he lies about the damage that he’s done to our country. Whether it’s claiming that the border is secure, that our economy is strong, or that the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan was a success, Biden and his administration refuse to acknowledge the truth.

“The RNC will continue to hold Biden accountable for his lies, and on November 2024, the American people will too,” she added.

The RNC released its own statement explaining that the website “will be integral in holding Biden accountable during his public remarks, both campaign and official events.”

The launch of the “factcheckbiden.com” website by the Republican National Committee (RNC) can be seen as a strategic move that aligns with the goals of the RNC and its supporters. It could be a useful weapon to use against Biden, especially when he starts campaigning.

The site can be seen as a way for the RNC to highlight any perceived discrepancies in President Biden’s statements and challenge his credibility. Holding elected officials accountable for their statements is a fundamental aspect of democratic governance, and the RNC’s website can be viewed as an effort to fulfill this role in the political discourse. Given that the activist media will rarely scrutinize this president makes this tool even more necessary for the GOP during the campaign season.

Polls have shown that a significant portion of the American public, including some who voted for President Biden, have expressed skepticism or dissatisfaction with his administration. By launching a fact-checking website, the RNC can tap into this sentiment and provide a platform for those who may question the president’s statements or actions. This can potentially resonate with certain segments of the population and strengthen the RNC’s messaging against President Biden and the Democratic Party.

By providing its own fact-checks of President Biden’s statements, the RNC can attempt to shape the narrative and challenge the messaging coming from the White House and potentially influence public perception of his administration’s actions or policies. This can be seen as a strategic effort by the RNC to counter the narrative put forth by President Biden and the Democrats and provide an alternative perspective to the public.

However, the plan might have a drawback. Being that this website is an RNC project might limit its reach. There is a good chance that the information it provides will be seen only by those who are already opposed to the president’s candidacy, which means it might not change many minds – especially those in the middle. Still, it could be a decent effort to highlight the dishonesty coming from the administration and would help to inform journalists who aren’t complete shills for the Democratic Party.


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