Robert De Niro Trashes Trump in Expletive-Fueled Rant on ‘Kimmel’: ‘He’s So F**king Stupid’

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Acclaimed actor Robert De Niro once again trashed former President Donald Trump in yet another expletive-fueled rant this week.

De Niro delivered his rant during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel as the two discussed his recent Oscar nomination for Killers of the Flower Moon, calling the former president a “malignant narcissist” and “socio-psychopath.”

“You and I have something in common,” Kimmel said, “We have both been immortalized on social media by our former President Donald Trump.”

Kimmel had been referring to the moment during the Oscars wherein he read Trump’s Truth Social post bashing his performance as the show’s host that night.

He’s so fucking stupid,” De Niro said. “Look at the lame things that he said. He’s so stupid, he can’t even say anything clever.”

“He’s a moron, but he’s a scary one,” he coninued. “It’s all an act in certain way. It’s all out of insecurity. He’s deeply, deeply insecure. He is a malignant narcissist. He’s a socio-psychopath.”

The Oscar winner went on to say that Trump’s ongoing support “baffles” him.

“I can’t understand it,” he said. “And it’s a thing that we’ve seen over decades and decades and he’s a, what’s it, Tammy Faye and the other one.”

After likening Trump to televangelists Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, De Niro called the former president “frightening” and “dangerous.” He then directed his angry, critical gaze at Republicans.

“Shame on those Republicans that don’t have the nerve, the balls, to go after [Trump],” he said. “What do they tell their kids? What do they tell their grandkids later when it’s written in history books, what their role is and what they did, and [how] they allowed him to do this? He’s an outright criminal and they’re still buying it.”

De Niro’s latest attack against Trump comes after he delved into paranoid conspiracy theories by openly fearing that the former president will actually “come looking for” him if reelected.

“If he wins the election, you won’t be on the show anymore. He’ll come looking for me. There’ll be things that happen that none of us can imagine,” De Niro said on HBO’s Real Time.

“We wanna live in a world that we want to live in and enjoy living in, or live in a nightmare? Vote for Trump and you’ll get the nightmare, vote for Biden and we’ll be back to normalcy,” he added.

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  1. Robert DeNiro has his head elsewhere ……… . Ask him about the boarders.. Ask him if he has gone grocery shopping… I guess his home was not TAKEN OVER BY THE FOREIGNERS…
    Ask him about ALL higher prices…EVEN TOILET PAPER….Ask him about Pres. Biden falling asleep (or forgetting what he is talking abou) while talking to the general public. And most of all, ask him about the “SON OF THE PRESIDENT” Not only is President too old, let’s use the word SENILE. Did you ever notice Pres. Biden laughs at things that are not funny. SENILE!
    …………….OK, I really think that Governor Ron DeSantis is better.


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