Romney: ‘I’m Angry’ Trump Putting the Country Through ‘Angst’ over Classified Document Case

PAM KEY 16 Jun 2023

Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) said Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that he was “angry” former President Donald Trump is putting the country through “angst and tumult” over his classified documents indictment.

Romney said, “I’m angry. The country is going to go through tumult as a result of one thing, President Trump didn’t turn over military documents when he was asked to do so. All he had to do was hand them in. I’m sure his counsel told him, hand the documents in, particularly when the subpoena came. But for some reason, he decided not to. He held onto them. Why? That’s the question. Why is the country going to have to go through all this angst and tumult? Why didn’t he just turn the documents in?”

BBC anchor Katty Kay said, “Yeah. Yesterday we had the indictment of Jack Teixeira, the young army officer who had put all of those national security documents online, and the Justice Department in the indictment said retaining and distributing and mishandling classified documents is a threat to America’s national security. Clearly it’s a different case. He put them online on a gaming website. Trump didn’t do that. He kept them in boxes, but he showed them to people who shouldn’t have seen them, and he kept them in Mar-a-Lago where we know people come in and out. We know that Chinese operatives have tried to get into Mar-a-Lago to find things. You don’t think, as Ben Rhodes, Obama’s former national security advisor has said, that Mar-a-Lago wasn’t ground zero for foreign espionage efforts?”

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  1. Notice how it is only anti-Trump politicians, who are bias and leftist, that the “lamestream media outlets” including Yahoo. regularly quote, in attacking, bashing and manipulating the TRUTH with regards to Donald Trump-!!…….Nothing has changed with these “hack reporters”!

  2. Why would anyone care what traitor Romney says. He is lower than dirt. Talk about simone as low as you. Sure isn’t President Trump. His.probkem was when he trusted Romney.


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