Ron DeSantis Goes After Joe Biden and the Liberal Media


Governor. Ron DeSantis consolidated his position as the most grounded person on the planet. He did this in a political climate that saw Republicans folding like wash-and-wear suits while still noting that Florida is a “free” state.

As a governor, his popularity has increased over the years due to his involvement in high-voltage issues. He was thrown into a collision with Disney over this issue, and the multi-billion dollar company is likely to regret how it ended up.

On Tuesday, based DeSantis returned in a scathing rebuke of the Biden administration and the mainstream media’s criticism of Florida for not recommending the vaccination of infants from the coronavirus. Over the course of four minutes, the governor lit into the lies told, while standing firm in the face of even Republican complaints that he didn’t get the state involved in the distribution of the shots.

It is rare for a GOP politician to choose not to take the easy route out, which would have been to let the state order the shots. After all, 49 other states did so, and a lot of those are led by Republicans. Instead of following the pack, though, DeSantis correctly stated that the data does not back up giving infants and toddlers the COVID-19 vaccines, a position he’s staked out without the benefit of any cover.

This is an admirable act to witness. We should not be shooting small children up with drugs based on what amounts to societal pressure. There’s a reason, as DeSantis points out, that European countries aren’t doing so. Some have even banned the use of the Moderna vaccine because of the possible side effects.

COVID-19 is nearly completely safe for children. This should be considered when deciding on public policy. DeSantis is following the facts, even though many won’t. True leadership is also characterized by criticism.

The governor’s response even hits Dr. Anthony Fauci. He noted that Dr. Fauci and the rest Biden administration had rejected natural immunity for many years. We are now supposed to believe them when it comes to whether vaccines are needed for babies. Who in their right mind would adopt such a stance?

DeSantis’s real strength is not in his decision to avoid getting the state involved in this nonsense. The State of Florida recommends against vaccinations for small children, as the data proves it is not beneficial. This is a difficult position for him to take, but DeSantis cares more about doing the right thing than making the beltway happy. He’ll be rewarded big in November. If I’m correct, it will pay off later on.


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