Sam Brinton Story Gets More Bizarre, as FBI and Vanity Fair Enter Picture

Sam Brinton makes a court appearance. Screenshot credit: Rebecca Brannon.

Former non-binary Biden nuclear energy official Sam Brinton was already in trouble, facing two separate felony charges for alleged luggage swiping in two separate airport incidents.

He had a court appearance on one of those counts last week.

As we reported on Thursday, the saga got a little wilder when a fashion designer recognized Brinton allegedly wearing some of the designer’s clothing that she had in a bag that went “missing” from Reagan National Airport in 2018.

Now, fashion designer Asya Khamsin has recognized more of her clothing, even jewelry, allegedly worn by Brinton.

Then, in another bizarre twist, it turns out that Brinton was profiled in a Vanity Fair article on his “style” — and lo and behold, he was allegedly wearing one of Khamsin’s dresses.

Some “style” — appropriated from someone else. Of course, Vanity Fair couldn’t be bothered to feature Melania Trump, but they featured Brinton, which says a lot about their judgment.

Khamsin spoke to Fox. “I saw the images. Those were my custom designs, which were lost in that bag in 2018,” she said in an interview. “He wore my clothes, which was stolen.”

Former Miss Universe Iraq Sarah Idan wrote,”Omg!!!!! He literally stole your designs & then wore them for public events/red carpet to virtue signal he’s pro African-American wow.. this is a new low! So disgusted!” Idan wrote with a shocked emoji. She added, “Sorry I hope this will raise your sells at least!”

Ron DeSantis aide Christina Pushaw tied the claims to the Biden administration’s push for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policies.

“Whenever the Biden Administration lectures us about DEI, I will think of this cross dresser fetishist stealing a Tanzanian woman’s luggage to wear her clothes,” she tweeted, with images of Brinton appearing to wear Khamsin’s clothing.

Many hoped that Khamsin would get justice and be compensated for her loss, not just of clothes, but her own designs. She said that the bag that went “missing” was one she was taking to an event where her clothes would be displayed. But because it was taken, she couldn’t participate in the event. She filed a complaint with the police and the airline, but her bag was never recovered.

After she saw Brinton wearing what looked like her clothes for the first time in December, she filed a complaint with the Houston police where she lives.

She then received a phone call regarding the complaint in late January from the FBI field office in Minneapolis, according to Khamsin’s husband.

“Houston police, I guess, they [sent] the case to the FBI in Minnesota,” Khamsin’s husband told Fox News Digital. “He called to say, ‘I’m [with] the FBI, I’m working on this case.’ Then my wife gave him the information and we didn’t hear anything. We don’t know whether the case is on. We don’t know whether the case is cold.”

So they don’t know if the FBI is still working on the case or if it disappeared down the memory hole. Given the things we’ve seen with the FBI, that could be a concern — that it might just not get the attention it should because it’s a former Biden official. Maybe now with all the attention on the case, after the story went viral on Twitter, there will be some answers from the authorities.



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