Schiff: Cognitive Test Would Show Trump Has ‘Serious Illness of One Kind or Another’


    Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that a cognitive test would show former President Donald Trump had “a serious illness of one kind or another.”

    Host Kristen Welker said, “You heard Nancy Pelosi say it was legitimate to ask if it’s an episode or a condition. President Biden refused to take a cognitive test. Do you think he should take a cognitive test?”

    Schiff said, “I would be happy if both the president and Donald Trump took cognitive.”

    Welker said, “So that’s a yes?”

    Schiff said, “I think they both should be willing to take a test. I think frankly a test would show Donald Trump has a serious illness of one kind or another. But ultimately the decision will come down to what Joe Biden thinks is best and if his decision is to run, then run hard and beat that S.O.B., or if his decision is to pass the torch, then the president should do everything in his power to make the other candidate successful.”

    Welker said, “Let me ask you next steps, there will be meetings on Capitol Hill. Leader Jefferies and Mark Warner, are Democrats in trouble with Joe Biden at the top of the ticket? Look, there are concerns on down ballot races? Is he dragging down down ballot races?”

    Schiff said, “At present, the down ballot races are all ahead. They are running well ahead of the president, but you can only run so far ahead of the president, and so obviously Joe Biden will need to consider for his own sake and his own legacy can he beat Donald Trump, if he’s the best to beat Donald Trump, but also that the profound impact of this decision and maybe the most important of his presidency will have on the House, on the Senate and the future of the country.”

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