School Employee Who Promotes LGBT Training for Kids Arrested for Pedophilia


Three men from Michigan were charged with trying to meet a child for immoral purposes and using computers to commit crimes. In reality, the child was the law enforcement personnel from several agencies.

One of the men was Eric Rohman (41), an employee of the Mt. Pleasant Public Schools System. However, it is unclear his current position.

Rohman is proud and loud to support LGBT training for children in schools. Rohman wore his best BLM shirt and spoke at school board meetings.

Eric Rohman is my name. Class of 1999. “I am proud to be a member of the LGBTQIA Community and an employee at Mt. ”

Referring to students and the LGBT movement, Rohman said, “I can tell you this, they are hungry for knowledge. They are so hungry for knowledge that despite your words, your wishes, and your values, they will learn on their own. They’re gonna do it anyway, no matter what you say or do.”

Was he making fun of parents who don’t want their children to be groomed? Watch the video and decide for yourself.

Countless sick groomers work in the public school system.

Remember that schools have pedo porn literature for children to read in the libraries. You might get cut like this mama bear if you mention it.

Graphic Warning

The good part is that Virginia elected Republican Glenn Youngkin as governor. Youngkin won after stepping up against the wokesters on the left. On Long Island, N.Y., a region that frequently leans blue, Republicans won four out of four races the same night. Hopefully, in November, America will vote the woke progressives into the history books, and we won’t have to worry about groomers roaming the same school halls as our kids anymore.


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