Sen. Cortez Masto Makes a Disgusting Comment That May Hurt Her Senate Chances


One of the things that we’ve seen as an adjunct of the fury of the radical left over the Dobbs decision is their anger focused on crisis pregnancy centers that offer pregnant women help and options. Radicals have been firebombing them and otherwise vandalizing them.

Instead of protecting the centers against these vicious attacks, Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto has attacked them.

Masto stated that the “Crisis Pregnancy Centers continually mislead vulnerable women about the care they provide.” “I co-sponsored Stop Anti-Abortion Disinformation Act together with my colleagues to combat fake advertising about abortion services provided by these fake centers. ”

Democrats are back with their “disinformation” tactic. Translated, it means that something is being said that doesn’t fit within the Democratic narrative. They want to control it. It is impossible not to support women. You have no other option than to end their lives.

Cortez Mato, like other Democrats, would not object to women having choices.

This is worrying because Democrats are trying to block speech they don’t like. Joe Biden misrepresents Republicans as “threats to democracy”.

We have already reported that Cortez Mazzo and Adam Laxalt are running a close race in Nevada. The race is basically in a statistical dead-heat.

Laxalt was not silent about Cortez Masto’s incendiary comment.

According to Nevada Independent, an AARP poll found that Cortez Masto was losing Hispanic voters.

“We’re basically seeing, nationally, Latino voters moving away from Democrats,” Hogan said. “We saw it from 2018 to 2020, and we’ve seen it continue from 2020 to now … We’re seeing the trend here in Nevada.”

The bloc that was critical to her win last year was Gee. Perhaps her extreme views about abortion are part of the problem.

Tony Fabrizio was a pollster who predicted that Cortez Masto would lose because of “underwater favorability” a Republican lean among undecided voters and unfavorable circumstances such as persistent inflation or President Joe Biden not being popular.

It’s possible that she’s using the pro-life comment, just like Biden’s Red Sermon of the MAGA Republicans and Biden. She will lose the Hispanics as well as the people in the middle.

She may lose her Senate seat which would make the balance shift to the Republicans. This is due to Joe Biden’s poor actions in attacking MAGA Republicans and the student loan bailout. This was a terrible mistake.


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