Sending Troops Back to Afghanistan Might Be Inevitable


Retired Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr. stated on Fox News Sunday that the return to Afghanistan was possible in light of recent acts of radical Islamic terrorists. McKenzie served as the head of U.S. NATO forces prior to Biden’s failed withdrawal. This left Afghanistan under the control of the Taliban. According to a memo prepared by the Council on Foreign Relations, the Taliban’s support of terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda was a key contributor to the global spread of terrorist activities. Terrorist organizations are again attracted to Afghanistan because of the events last year.

.@JenGriffinFNC: “Do you think troops will have to be sent back to Afghanistan?”

Retired Gen. McKenzie: “That’s a difficult question…the threat is growing in Afghanistan, and it’s merely a matter of time.” @FoxNewsSunday

— Lucas Tomlinson (@LucasFoxNews) August 28, 2022

You shouldn’t be shocked by the news. The news was widely anticipated that Afghanistan would be a hotbed for terrorists as the Taliban ruled the country. Biden wanted to take a photo of his 9/11 anniversary photo so badly that he spent weeks concealing the fact that Afghanistan was getting worse. Biden even attempted to convince Ashraf Ghani, Afghan President, to lie about Afghanistan so that he could make a good impression as he fled the country. Biden also waived his obligation to Congress and did not have to provide a report on the withdrawal risks.

After the withdrawal, lies continued to come. Although it was claimed that only 100-200 Americans left the country after the U.S. forces left the country, a Senate Foreign Relations Committee report showed that up to 9,000 Americans were still present. Although the Biden administration knew the true numbers, they did not tell the public.

McKenzie’s warning aside, it is difficult to see a scenario in which going back to Afghanistan would be possible. While no one wants to send troops back to Afghanistan, it is not in the best interest of anyone. But, we don’t have much to show for all those 20 years. There is very little. Sending troops back to Afghanistan could be the best way to stop another 9/11.

This wouldn’t have been an issue if Biden had acted responsibly. It might be necessary, but when?

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