Severe Recession Needed To Cool Inflation, Bank of America Analysts Say


To prevent the United States from falling into deep recession, the Federal Reserve will need to take drastic measures to manage inflation.

According to bank strategists, market pricing suggests that inflation will fall below or equal the Fed’s target rate of 2% in the next two years. To achieve this, however, it would require a significant economic downturn.Analysts believe that inflation expectations could take some time to moderate after reaching an 11-year high Monday, according to a New York Federal Reserve study. A steeper-than-expected increase in inflation expectations in May actually prompted Fed officials to approve the first 75-basis point interest rate hike since 1994 on fears that higher prices were becoming entrenched.

Just days away from the release of new consumer price index data, the Bank of America analyst note was released. Another disaster is coming: Refinitiv conducted a survey of economists and found that they expect inflation will rise 8.8% annually in June. This is another 41-year record.

Wall Street is becoming more concerned about the Fed raising interest rates at an unprecedented rate in the past 30 years to try to catch up with runaway inflation.

Fed policymakers approved a 75 basis-point increase in the interest rate in June. This was the first increase since 1994. This increased the federal funds target range by 1.5% to 1.75%. According to Chairman Jerome Powell, a second increase of this magnitude could be made in July. This was due to persistently high inflation signs that prompted investors and others to reevaluate their economic outlook.

Officials also discussed a plan for rate hikes in the second half. New economic projections revealed that policymakers expect interest rates to rise to 3.4% by 2022, according to new estimates. This would be the highest level of interest rates since 2008.

Higher interest rates could lead to higher rates of business and consumer loans. This can slow down the economy and force employers to cut back on spending. The current mortgage rate is 6%, which is the highest since 2008. Some credit card issuers raised their rates to 20%.

Harris predicted previously that there would be recession within the next year at 40%.


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