Sharpton: Trump Is a ‘Low Down’ Con Man Using ‘Boogeyman Politics’


MSNBC host Al Sharpton said Friday on “Deadline” that former President Donald Trump was a “low down” conman playing “boogeyman politics.”

Sharpton said, “He was the same guy that stood on television as president of the United States, and said it will be over in two weeks. Don’t worry about it. And then finally he told us to take bleach. So now we’re going – I think that the collective amnesia, that a lot of Americans are having, is the challenge that the Democrats have to put out there, say this is the guy that you voted out. Remember, now, he ran for re-election. You didn’t want him back again. Don’t let him con you now with this boogeyman politics, the boogeyman is coming, the boogeyman is coming. He was the boogeyman.”

He added, “He’s playing on style and swagger. I think a lot of is going to crash as the Biden administration gets its messaging together. But don’t forget, when it is said that the lot could happen between now and November, one of the things that could happen is he could be convicted of felonies. Monday after next, a trial starts and you talk about the economy, do CEOs want to explain to the world why a man convicted of felonies of hush money to a porn star, who sells bibles, after he goes to court defending that he had sex with a porn star. ‘Get my bible. I’m giving you a discount. $59.99. You don’t have to pay $60.’ That is how low down of a con man he is.”

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