Sheryl Sandberg To Leave Facebook Parent Company Meta This Fall


Sheryl Sandberg was the chief operating officer at Meta. This announcement came after the company’s rise to global prominence that led to several scandals.

Sandberg was a 14-year veteran of Facebook and was one of the top executives at CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

In a lengthy Facebook post, she said that “Sitting beside Mark for these 14 years was the honor and privilege to a lifetime.” Mark is a visionary and a caring leader. He often says that we grew together and he is right.

Zuckerberg wrote a Facebook post praising Sandberg for much of the company’s success.

He wrote, “When Sheryl joined my company in 2008, I was only 23, and I didn’t know much about running a business.”

Zuckerberg said that Sheryl “architected our ads business, recruited great people, and forged our management culture and taught me how I run a company.” “Sheryl created opportunities for millions around the globe, and she deserves the credit to so much of what Meta has become today.”

Sandberg will be leaving the company this fall. Zuckerberg plans to rebrand Meta platforms, and shift the company’s focus towards building the metaverse.

Sandberg stated in her post that she will be focusing on her philanthropic work as well as her family.

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