Sick Take From ‘Journalist’ About Hamas and the Released Hostages

AP Photo/Adel Hana

We’ve seen a lot of wild reactions on the left to the Israel-Hamas war. 

Perhaps one of the more troubling takes that seems to be propagating now is folks trying to push how grateful and/or friendly the hostages seemed to be to their Hamas captors. Part of this is fostered by things like Hamas holding the hands of the children, as we wrote about on Saturday. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the propaganda that they’re trying to push. 

However, those are terrorists. You wouldn’t think other people would buy into their propaganda or promote it. But as we’ve seen, there’s a sickness on the rise, as actress Patricia Heaton noted, with a lot of people pushing evil things. Here’s a good example that our sister site Twitchy picked up from “journalist” Maree Campbell. 

“I’m not a facial expression expert, but judging by the look in her eyes and the expression on her face, I’d say that is a look of appreciation and thanks,” Campbell claimed. “Might it be that she is saying thanks for being treated unexpectedly well whilst in captivity?”

Frankly, to me, it kind of looks like a young woman who appears out of it because of the extreme nature of the situation, which is what might happen after terrorists shoot you in the leg at a music festival, brutally rape and kill your friends, and then hold you captive for more than 50 days. That’s Maya Regev, whose wound reportedly was not treated properly in captivity, is in the hospital, and whose brother is still being held by the terrorists. Who could look at that picture and feel any sympathy at all for Hamas? 

But Campbell wasn’t finished there. She reposted the original tweet and she’s trying to sell the experience as an exercise in “mutual respect.” 

Her timeline is a festival of such things, and she claims to have helped found an independent journalism site, which is an anti-Israel broadsheet. She refuses to condemn Hamas, saying she’ll do that when people condemn Israel. Some people even doubt she’s a real person. 

But real person or not, Campbell got the ratio of all time for her disgusting response, and she even earned a Community Note. 

But according to Campbell, not being supportive of terrorists is apparently “vile,” “you people.” 

The sickness is real.



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