Smells Like Coordination? Records Indicate Fani Willis’ Special Prosecutor Had Meeting/Talked to the WH

AP Photo/Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Kent D. Johnson, Pool

On Monday, we reported on the bombshell news that the Fulton County DA Fani Willis had allegedly hired her romantic partner to be the “special prosecutor” appointed to pursue the case against former President Donald Trump, according to a legal filing. The filing also alleged that the special prosecutor Nathan Wade, a private attorney, paid for lavish vacations he took with Willis using the Fulton County funds his law firm received that were authorized by Willis, and that he has been paid $654,000 for the work since January 2022. 

The filing was on behalf of defendant Michael Roman, who was trying to get his case dismissed, pointing to the problems and requesting that Willis, Wade, and the entire DA’s office be disqualified from further prosecution of the case.

That was bad enough, but it may have just gotten worse, according to additional information found in the filing. 

According to exhibits attached to the filing regarding Wade’s billing, Wade had contact with the White House. The records show two meetings/contacts with the White House on May 23 and Nov. 18, 2022. 

Now, someone had better start explaining what was going on here because that smells like coordination with the White House. Is the White House involved in any of these cases against Trump? That would obviously be a big problem. It wouldn’t be hard to believe it; they’re so desperate to take down Trump. But that would certainly go beyond the pale and buy some more trouble for Joe Biden, who is already facing an impeachment inquiry. 

But this isn’t the only accusation of coordination as to Fani Willis’ team or the White House. 

The House Judiciary Committee has already said they would be looking into “coordination” after Fani Willis’  contact with the Jan. 6 Committee. House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan also said that Willis “failed to adequately address the Committee’s requests and made several baseless excuses for refusing to provide the requested documents.”

There’s a stench of alleged coordination all over the place in the effort to get Trump. 

It’s likely to blow up big time with this latest news. Expect this to be added to House Oversight or Judiciary’s plate of things to investigate. 


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