Swedish Court Convicts Greta Thunberg For Truck-Blocking Protest

OLIVER JJ LANE 24 Jul 2023

Greta Thunberg will have to pay a small fine after being convicted of disobeying a lawful order of the authorities to stop blocking a road earlier this year, an outcome she has decried as “absurd”.

Those who burn fossil fuels should be in court, not those who fight against them, climate celebrity Greta Thunberg said today as she was handed a criminal record in a Swedish court for a protest action earlier this year. Thunberg was ordered to pay 50 kronor, or £3.75/$4.80 a day every day for 30 days. In all, the fine will add up to just £112, or $144.

It was previously reported she could have faced months of prison time, underlining the leniency of the fine.

The activist blocked traffic by sitting in the road with a group of other young people in the port city of Malmo in June, part of a series of disruptions over several days. While police initially stood by and watched, eventually it was judged the disruption being caused was too great and the protesters were asked to leave. Those who did not were carried away by officers, and charged with disobeying an order.

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, charged after a climate action in the Norra hamnen neighbourhood in Malmo, arrives at the District Court in Malmo, Sweden on July 24, 2023. Swedish climate campaigner Greta Thunberg goes on trial on July 24 charged with disobeying police at a rally last month, in which activists blocked the port in the city of Malmo. (Photo by Andreas HILLERGREN / TT News Agency / AFP) / Sweden OUT (Photo by ANDREAS HILLERGREN/TT News Agency/AFP via Getty Images)

Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet reports that Thunberg was scathing of her conviction, meaning for the first time in years of protests she now has a criminal record. She told the court on Monday that: “My actions are justifiable. I believe that we are in an emergency that threatens life, health and property… We are in a climate emergency and we don’t want to wait for someone to act. We chose to block oil trucks.”

Speaking to a considerable gaggle of photographers waiting for her outside the court after the verdict, Thunberg criticised the prosecution, saying that oil companies are the true criminals. She said, vowing to keep protesting: “It is absurd that those who act according to the science should pay the price for it… While those who burn the fossil fuels do not have to be held accountable.”





  1. I think it is a crime to use a child to further the rule and control of the government. I am sure if you would look closely you would find that Greta is just as guilty of use of the climate-ruining items as any other human. looking at her clothing I am sure we would find items from Fossil fuels. Most clothing uses some form of plastic that they weave into the fabric. then we have shoes. many use a combination of natural and man-made items. I am sure she must shower once in a while. this tells me she isn’t above using soap in some form. even natural soap must come from the fats rendered from trimmings in meat process plants. then chemicals are added to give the sent of natural products. Does she use deodorant? then again guilty of using chemicals derived from oil or gas. Even if she was the purest that consumed only natural products, well, just how does she think they grow these things? they all use some form of fertilizer. All are harvested using some sort of machinery. all must-have products from oil to function. Her rant of demanding we stop using oil and gas isn’t well thought out. it comes from her coaching from people that use others to sway opinion. opinions that when gathered together carries weight. this is what the people who would send us back to the middle ages for personnel gain are after. they scale nothing of Greta or the people she cries to. they want only one thing power and control.———— I, Grampa


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