Tech Firm Nvidia Unveils AI-Powered, Potentially Self-Reliant Robots

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The tech firm Nvidia unveiled a series of AI-powered, potentially self-reliant robots at a recent exhibition.

Nvidia debuted the new creations after the Figure O1 demonstration as part of Project GR00T, which Fox News billed as a “major upgrade to Nvidia’s AI initiatives and a significant step deeper into the AI field overall.” The project focuses on “foundation models,” otherwise known as robots using generative AI for self-supervised learning free of instruction or training.

“Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang showcased a number of robots, including small knee-high Star Wars-themed Disney robots, at the company’s GTC conference last week. The GR00T, or Generalist Robot 00 Technology system, is built to handle the operation of robots,” noted the outlet.

“Nvidia’s robot utilizes a new computer system called Jetson Thor, which is designed to perform complex tasks and interact “safely and naturally with people and machines,” including a “system-on-a-chip” to handle the immense demands on processors to run AI models,” it later added.

David Pinto, a senior PR manager for the company, told Fox News that advances in generative AI have made for a “steady stream of developments across the ecosystem where foundation models for robotic tasks have shown the ability to improve the productivity and performance of robotics developers.”

Pinto said the robotics industry will not be able to scale upwards until robots become self-reliant in developing skillsets.

“These productivity gains extend from developing code for the robots to generating new simulations to test and train the robots in unstructured environments,” Pinto said. “For the robotics industry to scale, the robots themselves have to become more generalizable.

“That is, they need to add skills more quickly or to bring these skills to new environments,” he added. “The foundation models will make the robots better understand complex environments and execute a breadth of robot skills and tasks in both simulation and real world.

As Breitbart News reported, generative AI hit a major wall in recent months when Google’s Gemini AI began to dictate bizarre messages when responding to text queries.

“When one user asked the AI to give him an argument for having a family of four children, the AI said it was unable to do so but was happy to provide an argument in favor of not having any. It seems the AI’s text responses are in line with radical leftist politics as its image generation,” it reported.

“In another interaction, the AI refused to provide a recipe for foie gras due to ‘ethical issues,’ but also refused to condemn cannibalism, saying that it was ‘a complex issue with many different perspectives,” it added.

Nvidia did not say how its AI models plan to overcome these possible obstacles, which have been called AI “hallucinations.”

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